my bro sent this to his gf. haha

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. [ame=""]YouTube - The 9 Ways To Treat A Woman[/ame]
  2. Your brother needs a sense of humor.
  3. LOL great find :D. You gotta love that ending.
  4. the end got me

    :laughing: :laughing:

  5. what? my bros one of the funniest people i know.
    dont be bashing people you dont know.

  6. Lol, I kind of agree with this...

    Only thing that made me laugh was the ending....

    It got a chuckle of delight :wave:
  7. Yeah, not overly funny in my opinion.
  8. Damn, people are over critical tonight.

  9. How was my comment over critical?

    I didn't think it was funny, and you did aparently.

    Arn't we all entitled to our own opinions here?
  10. Sorry man, I didn't intentionally quote you.
  11. Man i laughed my ass off at that shit especially those squirrels... damn dude..
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    I may sound like a douche, but I didn't laugh, nor do I understand why he sent it to his girlfriend.

    ..Especially on Valentines Day. :eek:

  13. the black hole and the ending were funny
  14. That was fucking hilarious, im sending that to every girl i know.

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