My brand new homemade glass bongs

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by TooDamnHigh, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, this is my first time posting on this forum, but I've been reading it for a couple months now. I figured it was about time to get an account and start posting.

    So last week I got some drill bits for glass and whipped up this bong out of a clear wine bottle. It was wicked nice, it had a carb and everything. Unfortunately, that night after a ton of use with my friends, I hid it inside my amplifier; my mom found it and smashed it the next day. I picked all the useful parts out of the trash. Anyways, yesterday I made a new one, and even plugged the downstem and drilled diffuser holes. It's pretty nice. Then today I made another bong out of this vase I had. I've been making homemade shit for a while (I have pieces, but sometimes homemade is just cool), but this is my first try at making stuff out of glass. What do you think?


    This is the wine bottle one. I used a regular metal pipe I had (I took off the mouthpiece and the decorative sleeve), and some pieces of vinyl tubing I have. It's really nice, it's got a big chamber for tons of smoke, and the diffuser and carb let you take sick rips. Plus, the pipe part detaches so you can just carry a smelly wine bottle around or something, I don't know.


    I just made (And ripped) this one. It's a vase I found, I drilled a hole in the base part and took a file to it to enlarge it. It took me like 2 hours (or whatever the full length of Cypress Hill's first two albums is). The bowl is a trumpet mouthpiece, and I stuck some vinyl tubing in the stem and plugged it/drilled holes in it for a diffuser (I find that diffusers are wicked fucking nice and not hard to make). There's a rubber ring around the trumpet piece, but unfortunately it doesn't make a perfect seal with the body of the bong unless you press on the bowl.


    This is both of them side by side. After I ripped the green one I decided that the bottle is a guy and the vase is a girl. Not sure why.

    Anyways, that's all. Opinions? Suggestions? What should I try to make a bong out of next?

  2. The vase one isn't bad actually. I saw a tut here a while back on making an inline with 2 10 arm percs out of gatorade bottles, I would try that
  3. Welcome to the city
  4. nice job they look good:smoking:
  5. i plan on going to my local harware store soon to get some drill bits...i wanna make a bong out of one of those vodka bottles shaped like a bubble bottom bong with a grommet to gong conversion on it.
  6. you mean the Bong Spirit vodka bottles? I know what you mean... but I'm pretty sure its like 40 or 50 bucks for one of those. I mean its nice if you really like vodka (I don't... I prefer nug to booze), it's top notch vodka, but you'd have to special order it and everything. It would be sick if you made a bong out of one, make sure to post pics and shit if you do.
  7. Sweet homeades! and welcome to the city =)

  8. Bottle is tall, girl has a nice butt. Definitely see that.
  9. nice glass kalec, hows the homemades coming along too? that ash catcher tutorial being released soon? lol been waiting a while :p dedication i like to call it lol
  10. Before I say anything, I want to note, you have nice homemades. I like the vase more, but I have to say, the vinyl and metal pipe thing is not my thing. I'm making some myself, and I'm gonna buy some extra glass downstems, use diamond bits for your dremel, and make the downstem diffuse. And yeah, the vase is more of a girl =P
  11. Fuck yes on the trumpet mouthpiece bro thats what i use for my pieces too keep up the good work.
  12. On average, how much do trumpet mouthpieces cost?
  13. that shit's legit. I have same bowl of the wine bottle

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