My brain just popped.

Discussion in 'General' started by Boosh, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Yep, this has been going on for months now.

    "You're a pothead, eh? Good luck having a drink then, you fucking dirty sellout!"
  2. How are they allowed to do that?!?!
  3. fuck, i thought it would be around now that this kind of technology comes out... oh well. lets just hope this is another device that law enforcement are too cheap to buy, cause this could quite possibly ruin everything for people who use drugs. what a shame. that person who made this device could have speant the same amount of time developing something that could check food for diseases in packaging plants such as the ones in china that keep infecting all our shit. what a shame.
  4. How are they allowed to most of the shit they do? It's turning into a fucking police state
  5. Well it said the people complied

    and the people that refused had to leave, so they atleast needed your consent......

    but wow, i'd never go back to a bar that agreed to allow those people to do that
  6. its just silly how more money is being put into protectng people from something that most dont really care about, and the cost of all this shit that just helps catch and not prevent crimes is really out of control
  7. That's an invasion of privacy. Like with if some like young kid went out to eat with his family and that kid had to get scanned in front of daddy lol. That would suck ass.
  8. Where's Johnny Rotten when you need him?

    I find it funny that the test does not determine if you are an alcoholic... which actually could make you more dangerous than a junkie! people at the bar would never agree to that test!
  9. I'll kill someone if they try to pull this shit.

    Cops are gonna get stabbed...
  10. Wow...thats fuckin bullshit..
  11. Ill never willfully submit myself to one of those tests.
  12. two words come to mind, F*CK THAT

  13. Am I the only one who doesnt understand this logic?

    I would just go and support the pub across the road that doesnt make me piss in a cup before I go party.
  14. Don't forget, they need to expand on their ideals and give a solidified reason to invade people's privacy before the masses actually takes to it. People are afraid of totalitarian policies, so anything that even resembles one needs to be cleverly masked and sweetened.

    "Piss in this cup."
    "Get fucked."
    "It's for your own safety."
    "Oh.. well, okay."

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