My brain is bigger than your brain

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  1. Remember that whole "atheists are smarter than religious people" thread? It wouldn't suprise me when it comes to the average churchian blind follower. However, I present this semi-counter argument about those who meditate compared to those who do not.

    People who meditate have larger brains |
  2. What about people who speak in tongues? Its kinda like meditation.
    [ame=]YouTube - Speaking in Tongues Medical Study proves Holy Spirit praying[/ame]
  3. Why is speaking in tongues and meditation similar?
  4. I'm wondering why you're connecting meditation to belief in god.
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    Considering meditation originated as a means for coming closer to God Union? And you don't necessarily have to believe in God to meditate, however a Godless spirituality will take you nowhere except relaxation and a bit more peaceful mindedness.

    The point of the thread wasn't really to debate the other thread, I just found this interesting and thought I'd share. Considering meditation and spirituality is what got me clean, and addiction stems from emotional causes in many ways, I'd say it makes sense.
  6. So you're asserting that meditation without a search for "God" will not increase your brain size but if you believe in "God" it will?

    Interesting. However, I think buddhists would beg to differ.
  7. No, I'm not saying that, since if you read the article and watched the video you'd see the area's of the brain are involved with emotions, and hence like I said a Godless meditation will certainly increase emotional well-being but will not be as fruitful as it's original purpose.

    Buddhism came from Hinduism, and thus buddhism did not create meditation, merely use it. I'm not going to go into the whole buddhism debate, but Buddha's teachings are misunderstood, as his "nothing" does not mean "isn't there".
  8. This is an assumption that finding "God" is "fruitful", both are unfathomably vague terms. You can easily say you mean absolutely anything by those terms and who's to say different? It is a fruitless statement.

    Did I say buddhists create meditation? Please respond to what I say, not what you think I'm trying to say.
  9. Cause both effect the same parts of the brain. cept theres a lot more activity while mediating while little activity during tongue speaking.
  10. brain size doesn't matter, i thought everyone knew this...
  11. You said it in response to my statement that meditation originated from religious practices. Key word being originated. It'd be like me saying the car engine originated by Ford, and you said "I think Ferrari would beg to differ".

    Also, my statement was no assumption, it is you who are doing the assuming but I can see your just trying to argue over something you have very little knowledge about just for the sake of your e-peen, you've been doing it all over this section.

    How many enlightened buddhists do you know who are atheists?
  12. I said it in response to your idea that "godless meditation" is "fruitless". Twisting what is said does not support your opinion.

    What assuming am I doing? I'd like to know. You just seem offended that I have an opinion on the matter.

    How many enlightened buddhists do you know?

  13. This should have been the first post hahah.

    I remember an article coming out stating that meditation can actually be bad for your brain over extended periods of time causing your brain to swell. Big brain =/= smarter :rolleyes:
  14. Meditation is good. Whether it makes your brain 'bigger' or 'larger' or not.
  15. A little off topic but I read somewhere that the emergence of meditation and its main element, being able to focus attention, was one of our last biological phases of evolution. Like a precursor to modern "consciousness" not a product of it, kind of interesting to me don't know how accurate it is though.
  16. My ego is bigger than yours.
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  18. lol at the speaking in tongues references.
  19. did anyone watch that thing about tongues i posted? there's a whole comparison to mediation that i thin is relevant to the conversation.

    or u could make dick jokes.
  20. i've seen plenty of crazy people speaking in tongues. thats where my opinion came from.
    im good without watching a video.

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