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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by princess abbie, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. got me into smoking weed again and i wanted to make an account, i'm a little clueless on alot of marijuana related stuff, and wanted a place to ask questions and chat with other stoners.

    p.s. my bf is thisisnotreal
  2. this is my girl right here, she's the best!
  3. Welcome to GC:welcome: all ya gotta know is that :gc_rocks:
  4. Well aren't you guys the cat's meow? I have a friend that has to sneak around his girlfriend... you are a lucky man, real.
  5. welcome to GC. i wish i had a stoner GF.
  6. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    always good to have more chill members come by
  7. HEY! Welcome to the city, trust me there's a lot of potheads here to talk to lol.
  8. welcome to the city abbie! don't worry, here you will learn our ways...
  9. Welcome to GC princess abbie! Your boyfriend is a very cool dude and I'm sure you'll be a great addition to the forums. :D
  10. sooo many fuckin stoners in florida. wish jl didnt delete the other florida thread.

    i really wish my girlfriend wasn't so anti smoking, its so mush BS...
  11. yes welcome to the fience might start tokeing again since she said she really misses it............but i dont knw.
  12. Welcome to the City always nice to have more FL people holdin it down
  13. dude UF, i thought smokin_orc was you and i saw him say fiance and i was like NO WAY YOU ASKED MICHELLE!?!?11one!?!?
  14. Yeah... well. I'm a stoner. And I'm sure there's some people here that smoke occassionally, so... yeah.

    I would never date anyone against smoking again just because it shows a fundamental fault in the person themselves... maybe some people can live with that, in fact, I thought I could. Turns out she was a cheating, lieing whore. Which makes all people who don't smoke... cheating lieing whores. Well... I don't know if that always applies, but its been my experience. Actually... nvm, that makes no sense, well it makes sense but... it's not right to say things like that and generalize/stereo-type.
  15. Welcome to the City, Abbie!

    ....and Happy 4/20 woo! :D
  16. watch out for the crack heads

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