My boyfriend won’t share his weed - normal?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Deleted member 1096980, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. I'd say talk to him about it. My girlfriend has some mental issues she's been dealing with but I take care of all the bills and the chores and she doesn't smoke weed but if she needed it she wouldn't even have to ask it would just be there. Relationships are never 50/50 someone is always picking up the slack in some aspect. That's just life. The point is so both people feel comfortable and needs met. To me it sounds selfish and where I'm from if someone smokes in front of you and doesn't offer those are fighting actions! Lol. Best of luck

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  2. I am proud that you guys didn't buy this bullshit story (OP deleted account)

    This is the type of attitude that us young men are putting up with out here, where these women got an answer for everything, yet these answers do not make sense and we are just supposed to accept that and if we do not, then we are fucking assholes. She claims to suffer from agoraphobia, an incredibly debilitating disorder, yet makes no attempt to collect on benefits, probably because there is no diagnoses, because simply put, being a victim is a lot more convenient than being an employee.

    Secondly, no writer works 1 day a week and makes rent, because if you can make rent on one day a week, you can certainly cut into another day a week to buy weed and if you can't heres an idea, don't fuckin smoke! But Oh no, the guy is the bad person here, why? Because she is this inconsolable victim that cannot part ways with this person but also cannot go without smoking.

    The thing a lot of you dudes on this forum do not understand is that when you have somebody in your life who will literally try and take everything you own from you, you really gotta set some boundaries... Like what kind of cuck shit is this where we gotta supply these women? What the fuck? No! We are here to provide for our children and if she ain't got one of those, especially yours, fuck all that noise, YOU OWE HER NOTHING!!!!
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  3. Little on the harsh side, but I agree with the overall sentiment.
    It's like, not "not taking care of your partner" if you stop and think and say "Hey, that's not right" when something strikes you as a fundamental imbalance.
    I guess everyone lives in their own universe, and their own situation though eh.
    I too, am kind of tired of the assumptions that I'm an asshole if I so much as say anything that's not just
    pandering to any given female as well, or if I point out "but you said" type does happen.
    I try to just remain impartial most of the time, analyse on the basis of the info I'm given and my own experience.
    People can take what I say and run with it, or burn it to the ground.
    Worst thing you can do though is not speak when you think you ought to.
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  4. I don't know where to start. Let's just say this if that's the way your partner is on everything else I don't know what to tell you other than you are a glutton for punishment. My wife just carried me three and a half years while I laid in bed and filed for disability let me sell her car. Share weed LOL tri share everything I am now doing very well and my wife is the first one to get anything and everything. Just bought her a new car. That's the kind of partner you need

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  5. People are at different levels of relationships, if you treat every girl you date like you guys say, you get opened up to poor relationships easier.
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  6. Kick him the fuck out. You sound desperate for his dick and I'm not being mean. This relationship is not going anywhere at all. It sounds like you're both struggling with addiction issues. He is selfish and if he smokes in front of you and won't let you take a hit he's a stingy asshole. I've always let my girlfriends live with me and bought them food, paid their phone bill, car insurance, and of course given them weed if they ask. Hell I've even pawned stuff important to me to help my gf when she needed it. Your bf is not a man. He's a little boy, ignorant and inconsiderate. Stop wasting time with him if he doesn't support you.
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  7. Thanks lmfao I already wrote my response while thinking her actual username was "deleted member 2847293"
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  8. Trading sex for drugs isn't the best way to "put yourself 1st".

    This was painful to read. There's no reason to financially support a girlfriend who isn't a stay at home mom and keeper of the house, or medically unable to work, when women can go out and get jobs just like any man, now that we are in 2019.
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    I’d quit my day job if I could fuck for weed.
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  10. Well, if you want to be a prostitute, that's up to you, but it's not a good idea if you want a healthy relationship with your partner. Also, good luck living if you have no job and get paid with weed.
  11. Well, THEN you sell the weed, eh? EH?!?
  12. Instead of just getting paid in dollars...

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  13. Ballzdeep.
  14. Hey that's not normal, that's exceedingly rude. Dump him
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  15. If he smokes around you and doesn't share then you should leave him..
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  16. El Cheapo.

    That'll end in tears.
  17. I can sorta kinda see where he's coming from. When my husband was alive, we had a problem bc I was home with the kids while he worked. It's expensive with 2 people smoking. He never wanted me to smoke in the day time while he was at work.

    If I had my way, I probably would have smoked most of it and left him very little. Weed wasn't was strong then and I couldn't get off on 2 or 3 hits the way I can now.

    Yes I know the OP left, but this is an issue than can come up with 2 people smoking, in an illegal state where it's hard to grow.
  18. Why are we replying to a thread from a deleted member?
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  19. Wow. Everyone I have ever been with we share our shit. May not have save bank accounts or control each others stuff but we(I) always supplied and smoked with partners
  20. I don't know! Probably bc this issue comes up with other people. Weed is expensive, especially if both partners in the house smoke.

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