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My boyfriend wants to rape me

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SmokenCat, May 25, 2012.

  1. So my boyfriend wants to role play in a very specific way. I'm a school girl and he's the teacher. I'm totally into it, but I'm not really sure how to act. Obviously like I don't want it, but what can I do/say to make it even better? ;)
  2. Seduction and rape are completely different. From what you wrote here I consider what he wants is to be a person of authority seducing a subordinate..
  3. might I suggest letting him stick his penis into your vagina.

  4. How many pages in this thread?
  5. Lol pretty sure if I got baked I'd laugh out loud if he said something like "shut the fuck up!" when we're doing the business
  6. Well, good thing you're in to it.
    A lot of it should come naturally, be aware that you're pleasing him .

    I sound like a fucking fortune cookie.:smoke::smoke:
  7. You must be bored of sex to want to pretend rape.
    Seems, idk. like, super fucking silly.
    Friend is into it, Hes fucking weird.
  8. Hahahahahah. Guess I'm fuckin weird. :) Idkk. I like weird sex. But that's just me.

  9. Hahahhhyess u doo. My own personal fortune cookie teller
  10. You could always, you know just quite possibly record it.
  11. Oooo that's good! But only thing is.. I don't have a camera. Only an iPad.
  12. Fuck on a desk.

    Don't break the desk, though.
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    Put up a good, convincing fight.

    Don't make it too easy for him. Make him force his dick into your pussy.

    And once the dick is in, stop resisting physically since this is not a real rape, but to make it more realistic, continue fighting internally in your head.

    Like, think in your head that you don't want him to fuck you, but your body is actually feeling the opposite because his dick feels so good... something like that.
  14. kick and scream, if neighbors call the police I bet he'll jizz
  15. If you can bleed on command his rape fantasy would reach an entire new level. May be a little too intense though. Give it a shot.
  16. I've played this game before... being the man, I play the role of the raper.

    And it's an incredible feeling when my rape victim starts to wet her pussy.
  17. Listen to Ggrass. Best outcome so far
  18. Ggrass is kind of scaring me

  19. Lol...


    Oh, you should know, if you REALLY want to make rape play feel real, being scared is a must.

    In real life situation, a rape victim will be scared.

    So should the rape victim in rape play.

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