my boyfriend wants me to cut back.

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  1. so i've been dating this boy for around 10 months, and i absolutely love him. there is no question in my mind how much i love him, and we live together. we pretty much get along perfectly except for one thing. I LOVE smoking weed, and he just does it once in a blue moon.
    this might not seem like a problem, but it is.

    he doesnt like it when i get high so often because he thinks that i do stupid things. Its true that I have done things in the past- I broke a promise to him, twice, that i would stop watching... certain kinds of movies on the internet. and he found out i broke my promise and was very upset. the clincher here is that I was high when i broke my promise both times, so he attributes that to me being blazed.

    I just dont konw what to do. hes asking me to cut back but I really don't think i smoke all that often. Not every day, not during school or anything important, and only when im with him and/or my friends basically. he doesnt like me to smoke without him, and he would rather i only smoke when hes cool with it.

    i love him to death and want to make both of us happy, but i feel restricted.

  2. stoner girl that gets high a lot and looks at porn on the internet? dump him and come live with me XD
  3. weird situation. it might come down to choosing the herb or your boy. hope it doesn't..
    why is he being like this? i wouldn't care how much my girl smoked.

    and what kind of videos? porn? you got me really curious. :D

  4. hahaha same.

    but why does he make you want toquit ask him?

    if its for being stupid, he should be abel to put up with that for an hour... or you can try and tone it down.

    smoke at your own risk. if he wants to restrain you, prolyl not teh ebst advice but find somethign you dont like about him and try and restrain him. see how he reacts.
  5. There is a problem if your soul mate is trying to change you.
    There is a choice to be made by you.
    Do you live your life and grow at your own rate , or his.?
    Do you think his decisions supercede yours ?

    Like you said, it seems minor now, but what about 5 years down the road ?
    On top of that, he's already trying to change you, which might also be interpreted as trying to manipulate you. That type of person you probably can do without in the long run.

  6. Quoted for truth, Well said my man.
  7. If your not getting in any trouble with the law or anything or in school than he shouldn't really be telling you to cut back....
  8. weed and porn ??? you should hang out with my g/f and see what jokin'

    If he loves you half as much as you love him, He should ACCEPT your faults not try to change them....

    good luck.
  9. word, he obviously doesnt appreciate you
  10. yeahh i dont know, he said i broke his trust and he just likes it better when i'm sober because usually he's sober too. I dont know. Plus, its like theres nothing i dislike about him so i can't really fight fire with fire.

    Im in a pickle because he's an amazing guy and its a tricky spot to be in. But yeah. thanks for the advice guys. =]
  11. if he really doesnt like it when your high around him, then dont be high around him. go out to smoke, w/ friends etc.
  12. He's supposed to accept you as the individual you are and the decisions you make. It's your choice not his.

    Keep on tokin:wave:
  13. Relationships require much compromise to be successful. Pot is not important enough to ruin a relationship with someone you actually love. Try to come to a deal, and even if you can't blaze every day he's not making you quit cold turkey.
  14. seems to me like he wants you to spend less time smoking weed and more time smoking his cock
  15. He sounds a bit controlling, honestly. Like, you can't watch porn or smoke weed without him? Come on nowww :rolleyes:
    I would just try to talk to him about it and understand how you feel.

    Hopefully he will understand, if not, I'm sure you can get another man easily :D
  16. if he wants you to change than its not worth it... no realationship is worth someone tryin to change you
  17. This has got to be a damn joke if I have ever heard one.For one,girls that smoke weed are looking good.Second,one that would want to watch porn with him,talk to him about it.

    If he doesnt understand you then find another person?
  18. what faults?
  19. its just some weed and porn, tell him to chill out :wave:

  20. In some peoples mind smoking weed would be a fault....I'm not saying it is but apparently her b/f thinks otherwise.....understand??

    am i taking too fast for ya???

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