my boyfriend got drunk & pissed in my room

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by agtb23, May 5, 2011.

  1. He came over really drunk 1 night and ended up passing out. I was still awake and all the sudden he got up and started saying some random stuff, pretty sure he was sleep walking. He stood by my mirror, whipped out his dick and started pissing. At that point I started freaking out and was trying to wake him up but he didn't, so I grabed a huge glass and held it up for him to take a piss. Let's just say my hands and cloths we're soaked in peee.
  2. Tell him to stop drinking alcohol and smoke more weed.
  3. it happens...... he thought he was in the bathroom... shoulda slapped him your a sweet girl for holding the cup for him lol hahahaha you should have slapped him for sure. ( I have pissed the bed and when I say bed I mean my bed and my girl sleeping in it so dont feel to bad)
  4. booze ya lose lol or epically win
  5. you are an awesome gf for holding the glass lmao.
  6. Hahahah, ive seen so many threads lately about people pissing
  7. why did you put the parenthicys hahah your like the coolest person ever
  8. ......ahahahahahaha
  9. Just be glad he didn't go rambo rapist.
  10. Dear Penthouse.
  11. you can do better
  12. You're a good girlfriend. I wonder if mine would hold a glass for me to piss in..
  13. He peeed a shit load felt like it went on foreverrrr
  14. Amateur.
  15. Done it before unfortunately.
  16. This next glass of beer is for YOU

  17. I was really stoned... douche
  18. Should have orally ingested it and not let a drop go on the floor.

    Like a boss.
  19. You sound like a pretty awesome girlfriend :cool:
  20. Pissing is a lot like professional pool. You can make that important bank shot in the dark, but when you line it up, it always misses slightly to the right.

    I suppose the couple that urinates on each other stays with each other. Hope he realizes this and gives you a ring soon, for holding the glass for him.
    Any other woman, and he would have been drinking his exploits for morning breakfast.

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