My boyfriend broke my bowl on my birthday :c

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  1. Yesterday was my birthday. My boyfriend and I were going to go on a walk around the forest to start off the day all high and exercised, but first we had to run to the gas station to get a lighter because we both didn't have one. On the way out the door he reaches for his keys and when he brings his hand out I hear what sounds like a windchime and ta-dah, my bowl is lying in three pieces on the ground.


    My best friend gave me this bowl last year for my 18th birthday. I smoked out of it hundreds of times, with all sorts of people, all sorts of occasions. I have a lot of good memories thanks to this piece. Of course I'm sad it's broken now, but it was just a possession as well. I tried taking the best care of it as I could, so at least the shame of breaking it isn't on me :p Hopefully the piece my boyfriend will buy me to replace it will be more long-lasting and bring even better memories with it.
    Rest in peace, mah bowl. I toke in remembrance :smoke:
  2. u need a real man who will pack u bowls instead of breaking yours lady ;)
  3. Ladies' man over here. :smoke:
  4. He better smoke u out a bunch of times or buy u a new piece cz damn that looked like a very good pipe. What was its name? c:
  5. RIP. That's a really cool pipe. I like it alot. Sorry to hear it broke. I love color changing glass. Post up pics of the replacement :smoke:
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    Krazy glue that bitch back together
  7. fuck a new bowl you need a new game system if a PS2 is the latest piece of technology you're rocking.

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