My boy got a G-Pen

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by roma412, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. So my buddy got a g pen an brags to me how it's the best high an etc but I'm not convinced . I'm old school . What are the pros an cons of smokin out of a pen vs bongs or pipes

  2. Pros: it's portable, it's discreet.

    Cons: It has to be charged, doesn't give me the same kick in the chest, it burns dry herb, and the coil will likely break after a while of dedicated usage.

    If you purely want to use it for concentrates it's great. But long story short there's better vapes out there, and the gpen doesn't even make top 3. That's just my opinion though
  3. it's more discreet thats it. if he says it's vaporizing it's not it's like $40
  4. Ya the coils burn out so fast but not as bad as the ssv vip

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  5. Your boys getting fooled by manipulative marketing cuz g pens are nothing more than "e-joints". The weed gets burned, not vaped. You can tell because after smoking you'll see theres ash inside, not bud turned brown from vaporizing.

    REAL vaporizers are significantly better than smoking imo. Goes down easier, more efficient, it gives you the option to re-use bud, and its healthier. This is assuming your friend is using herb as opposed to concentrate of course.

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