My Box of Tricks :)

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  1. So, check my shit!

    This is my bedroom stash :)

    The Book:


    Open up!





    Cypress Hill's Phuncky Feel Tips by RooR

    The VapBong

    I use the blunt wrapper as an ashtray in my bedroom :)
  2. cool i got a shoe box thats similar has small bong, grinder , bud jar, stem jar, seed jar, papers, blunts , hash case ( fishing jig case) , scissors , poker, slides i need a cam next nice and stealthy to good job
  3. I keep all my stash in that one baggy, stalks get vaped too :)
  4. thats one sophisticated looking crackpipe you got there :D
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    Haha, only got it a few days ago. At first I was a bit disappointed with it, but now I can use it properly, a tiny little bowl gets me really quite high. Had 2 today and been stoned since I got up :)
  6. nice stash!
  7. sweet stash man, them ROOR phunky feel tips are sick!
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    Hahaha oh yes.

    You enjoy the one earlier?
  9. sweet box!
  10. duuuude i was thinking about getting a humidor and modifying it, but this is the shit! very creative if you did it yoursef! awsum<3
  11. Snus containers are AWESOME portable/stashable ash trays. I took one of my dads (I don't actually use mouth tobacco. haha). Try to get your hands on one of those little tins. I use it when I smoke joints in my car, or my room, or where ever.

  12. the tins that lead pellet's for pellet guns come in work perfectly too. i use one to hold my weed and if i need one the top turns into my ash tray

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