my bowl, new lighter, $20 i got today and rolled into a j

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. today i was skateboarding around and happened to run into my buddy who had a $20 sack he wanted to sell. i was lucky enough to have $20 on me and took it off my hands. it seems like some decent stuff; strong smell, sticky, red hairs. i just rolled it into a j i put into the picture

    i also got my new lighter off ebay a couple days ago. i wanted to show that off and my mini bowl i got off here. enjoy!

    #1: bowl, lighter, zigzags and buds

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  2. #2: bowl ontop of zigzags

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  3. #3: buds alone (kinda out of focus)

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  4. #4: dirty smashing pumpkins cd after rolling the joint

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  5. #5: joint and zigzags for reference

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  6. dude good good times. Cool piece and you got the throw in the pic of SP's cd! haha Nice J bro sniff sniff smells like some good shit to me

    have fun peace
  7. everybody here seem to rolled the same am im the only one who rolls like the drawing joints........? i guess i go throw 3 zig zags, untill it looks like i want it to

    Ps.. look like some bomb bud.. and nice lighter..
  8. grass roots: yep, thats my spoon. i love it!

    thanks guys, im gonna go burn half this joint. ill let you know how it is!
  9. nugs look good, bowl doesn't
  10. A friend of mine has a bowl that looks almost exactly like that.
  11. oh man, that weed is awesome. i burned maybe 1/3 of it and got a nice high for around 2 hours. i was upbeat, dancing to music, almost like it was a sativa. but we rarely get sativas around here. im figuring out my camera and hopefully ill have some real nice pictures of the next $20 sack i buy...which will be later this week. for now, check out what i have left:

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  12. nice J mate! wish i was there to pass it with you... of course i would bring some my self!
  13. Ahh I love that SP cd. :)

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