MY bowl broke, what else could i use?

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  1. OK, so I broke my glass bowl again and am tired of buying cheap one that doesnt last a week.
    Im just wondering if anybody knows something I could possibly make at home or buy that is going to last a bit longer, and yea Ive made an aluminum foil bowl for it but i don't think that's my safest bet...

    Its a tall glass bong with just ur normal glass stem going into it. :wave:
  2. is it the older gromet style or glass on glass? if its the gromet style you can just put an oring around a one hitter and use that as a slide
  3. Yea i couldn't find my camera till this morning but here are the pics u need. I taped my broken bowl together so it works for

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  4. Etsy glass slider

    You could get something like that off etsy, although I dont know how much sturdier it will be.
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    yup.. you could just use a metal one hitter as a slide or even a glass one hitter.. and take the rubber O-ring from around your broken slide and put it around the one hitter... this will probably be your most sturdy option because the slides are only 9mm wide.. there is no room for anything thicker than like 2mm glass for the downstem part of the bowl.. which will be fragile.. so go spend $2-5 on a hitter and save up some real cash for a better bong.. because honestly.. that thing looks like a p.o.s.
  6. clearly you have not smoked out of this before.

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