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My bowl and huge Nug!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jakes Mo Moneya, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. nice i finally figured out how to pictures from my fuckin cell phone to the internet, but i hope this works

    If it works this beautiful nugs weighed an approx 9.2 grams...i say "weighed" cause i finished it with a group of ten people of a sick game of Hold 'Em and listening to Dark Side of the Moon just play straight through twice

    Edit: the post was suppose to be
    whats the most kronik you've witnessed be smoked

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  2. nice bowl and nice bud ill give ya some +rep for that 1.
  3. nice nug and peice Mmmmm looks yummy, +rep
  4. Me, and like 19 other people threw down like 15 bucks, or something like that.... anyway, we ended up getting an oz of "white widow" (don't think it was real WW... but dank nonetheless), and rolling up a 14 gram joint, and a 14 gram blunt.

    Took the kid rolling the j a whole pack of Zig-zag one and a quarter to roll the mutha. I think it would've taken less if the kid could have rolled better.
  5. nice nuggy
  6. damn that's one hell of a nug
  7. looks like you scored some nice beasties there...hope you enjoy it btw...however the most i've ever witnessed has been forgotten over many times...GrOw OuT
  8. Wow that must've been sick. im practicing rolling an OZ joint
  9. man thats a fat-ass nug
  10. Fucking sweet nug you got there, man.
  11. the nug looks so good, 9.2 grams thats crazy
  12. One time 3 other friends and I put 8.5 grams in a gotti and got FUCKED UP. That night was by far the highest I've ever been. Hopefully I'll break that on spring break!
  13. nice lookin bud there man! enjoy that shit

    but i wanted to know how you got the pick on your cell to your comp? can you give me a little step by step tutorial:p
  14. The most I've ever seen smoked? Shit, before the memory of that night blanks out, I saw at least a qp get burned in a hookah, with different groups of people. After that??? Lots of alcohol=no memory
  15. i love that piece, and that nug goesvery well with it. hah did you get it on the internet?
  16. I want to be good friends with that nug. yummy.

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