My botom leaves are wilting, dying and curling upwards

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OldMage777, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. Hello all.

    Some of the lower leaves on my plants are curling upwards and then dying.
    The condition is getting worse and Im losing some leaves. I have not been
    over fertalizting, I put just a little.
    I have recently transplanted my plants, and I havent fertalized them. The
    plants are on their flowering cycle and are producing buds. They are getting
    enough water.

    What can I do about the leaves curling upwards, then the tips wilting..
    eventually the whole leaf wilts and dies.

    Just a note, The new leaves at the top of the plant look Very healthy, its
    just the lower leaves.
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  2. Hiya,

    Firstly you may want to check the PH and make sure that is on key.
    Secondly what types of fertiliser are you using, how often do you use them? how much water? what size containers? what type of medium are they in?

    We can better help you if these are answered

    Take care
  3. I have two 2 1/2 ft female plants.
    They are growinf in soil, in 7 gallon pots.
    They were recnetly transplanted and put on thier flowering cycle. The tops of the plants are healthy and flowering.
    I water them whenever the top soil gets dryed out.
    There is good drainage.
    Unfortunately I can only afford Flourescent lights.
    Lots of space and ventalation.
    I have been using Miracle grow, but bow siwtech to bone and bloodmeal mixture.

    Any help on why the bottom leaves might be curling upwards and dying would be great.
  4. This is definitely the result of a magnesium deficiency. Even though magnesium isn't normally a fert element, marijuana gobbles it up like it's going out of style, and if it runs out, all the leaves begin to curl upwardly (in prayer) and fall off inexplicably.
    What some new growers might not realize, is that magnesium is NOT included in the ferts you buy in the store, and you have to add it yourself.
    Most plants don't like Mg as much as Mary does, (Other than tomatoes) so they don't add it to the formula.
    Just disolve 1 tbsp of EPSOM SALTS in a gallon (4 litres in Canada) of water and feed. Be sure to follow a flushing program, every 4 weeks. using too much minerals and fertillizers can cause a dangerous salt build-up, which could potentially prevent the uptake of Phosphorus.
    I hope this helps.
  5. have you checked for spider mites?
    they can be tiny and very sneaky little critters, they stay around the soil and attack the bottom leaves .
    a quick solution can be to dunk the plant in a gallon of water with a tablespoon of dish soap or incecticidal soap , rince them really good , and change the soil , ''neem oil ''works good too. If its not mited id say that the bottom leaves arent getting enough light , you should set your lights up vertically and use a tinfoil reflector, turning your plants often for maximum light coverage . Happy tokin'!!

  6. HIGH All, sorry but The Borg just don't attack the bottom leaves and changing the soil will not work..but..washing the plant will help. Tinfoil is not a good reflector..better to paint the walls white.

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