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My boss lied to me about my paycheck

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganglajanger, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. I have half a paycheck missing and my boss decided to give me the run around and say it will be on the next pay check.... It wasn't and I talked to the guy 3 times about it showing him my pay checks that show I am missing hours. Its been 2 months and I worked 2 weeks for free.
    Today I talked to the guy and he gave me a new pay slip that says I was paid 40% more than I was actually paid. They threw out my old pay slips and wrote a new pay slip that looks like I was paid the amount they owe.
    Which means they deliberately went in after the fact, changed the amount they said they gave me, lied. Then gave me a fake pay slip that said I was paid the correct amount. My bank account says otherwise.
    What can I do? I have a feeling this is some unethical bullshit.   

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    I think I am going to stop going to work because this dude is trippin thinking I am working for them when they are trying to hide the fact they owe me money. 
    Im going to smoke a blunt and talk to this guy tomorrow in the AM fuck the bullshit.. Nigga owes me paper!
  3. Save all the evidence and tell him to pay you or you'll take legal action. definitely don't keep working for that shitty company.
  4. Report him! Isn't it illegal for any work place to do that?

    Cakes, banana muffins, and a pancake. Mmmmmmmm....
  5. Go to the tax office and get him in legal trouble
  6. Fuck bitches, get money

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  7. Film yourself raping his parents and email it to him.
  8. Only a scumbag messes with a mans wage!

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  9. Get bank statements and throw them in his face lol

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  10. Id spit in his face!

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    This happened to me before as well. I used to work for KFC and those fuckers stole $400 from me and fired me when I asked for my money. Just go up there with a man in a suit and ask for your money you owe him and show him proof. IF he still refuses walk out without saying anything and watch him shit his pants.
  12. Better lawyer up there partner!
  13. tell him he has 48 hours to right the wrong or he will be hearing from a lawyer by the end of the week 
  14. Idk about elsewhere but in NJ employers have up to 3 weeks after the last day the employee worked to pay in full
  15. lol...classic POWSkier thread.
    dude, stop recycling your old troll threads.
    seek help.
  16. Maybe a psychiatrist would be more appropriate
  17. Take legal action. He wants to be a cunt, so fuck him.

    Keep toking!
  18. take it to court man, fuck this guy out of all his money. if what you're saying he is doing is true that's some serious shit.

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    Im about to go in today and lay some shit down,I have all the paper work. They fucked up and threw out my pay slip, but they also fucked up in writing me a fake pay slip for the next month which I have the pay slip for. Same dates $400 difference in pay.

    Its so damn obvious with these pieces of paper I they can not deny what they have done. Of course they will try and say it was a mistake most likely. Who knows until I go lay down the law though.
    Lol really though don't take somebody's shit. Life's too short for that.

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