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My boss fucked 3 kids up the other night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ACole420, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Okay so here we go.

    It's july 4th on a saturday night and the resturaunt I work at is pretty dead for the night. Anyway 5 guys walk in, two of them were older like in their 40's and then there were 3 younger ones ages 20,20,16.

    So these 3 guys come in and the bartender cards all of them. However 3 are underage so they get kicked out. So whatever the night goes on blah blah blah. Now its about 1 AM and the owner of the resturaunt (my boss) is going out to his car to leave.

    Heres where is gets interesting. He sees these three kids just sitting at their car drinking beer. So he tells them that they cant do that and they have to leave before he calls the cops. Some kids yells "go fuck yourself asshole" to my boss. I guess they thought my boss was just some customer not even realizing who he actually was.

    Anyway so my boss turns around to go get his phone out of the car to call the cops and then next thing he knows he hears movement behind him. Right as he turns around he sees these three fuckers running at him. The first one gets to him and he said he hooked the kid square in the jaw and dropped him. Then he said he pushed the next kid down. After this happened the 3rd one had already run to the car to and locked himself inside of it.

    My boss then runs inside to get the bouncer that was their. When the bouncer comes out the two kids that boss had already fucked up were running toward a fence in the back of the parking lot. My boss tells the bouncer to go get them. Man this guy was like a fucking gazelle he ran up to the first guy and tripped him. The second guy was trying to hop the fence and the bouncer rips him off the fence. So while the bouncer is holding the two in his hands. My boss was like "FUCK THEM UP!!". The bouncer let go of one and cracked the kid in his face and then turned around and hit the other one. Then they brought them over to behind the resturaunt and just beat them down.

    About 20 min later the cops were their arresting the kids. And sunday when I was working the kids father came by and was like my kid has a broken jaw and what not. He wants to press charges on the owner and get some money out of him cause he makes like 3 million a yr.
  2. Self defense, they can't sue for that shit. Kids were drunk tryna 3 on 1 gangbang. :rolleyes:
  3. haha nice story man...and that dad has some serious balls to ask for money...if i were ur boss i would tell him to fuck off...cuz that dad isnt gonna get a fuckin dime cuz his kids were the ones that initaiated the whole dilemma...that dad sounds like a stupid fuck to me...either that or his son lied and told the story differently
  4. My boss is a no nonsense kinda guy and the kids dad was a fucking biker redneck scumbag. Plus if it does go to trial my boss has more then enough money to hire good lawyers.
  5. respect your elders lol
  6. Isn't that typical....Goddamn idiot wants money for his son's retarded behaviour....
  7. lol awesome. stupid fuckin kids haha
  8. Bouncers cant trip someone then crak them in the face. Thats assault. You cant call itself defense if they were running away.....

  9. Thats true, but in this situation the bouncer and boss can make up anything they want. who has the credibility in this situation? The business owner that pays taxes, or some kids that are illegally drinking in the first place.
  10. Well lets see. The kids was drunk, so probably hit the ground face first and had; to have asphalt removed from his face. If they really think they can get money out of him they might even get his buisiness shut down for sicking a bouncer on a fleeing 16 year old kid.
  11. Man, that is some badass shit.

    Drunk kid- I just wanna go home! :cry:
    Tino(the bouncer)- You're my bitch, tonight!

    I don't know why I thought of the bouncer as a Tino...but holy fuck, it makes him seem more scary. :metal:
  12. Goddamn punks deserved what they got. You don't break the drinking laws in front of a public place, try to rush the owner of the same fucking place, and then expect to get away with it Scot free. No boys, you get fucked up by a bouncer and a tough ass boss. Have a good night.
  13. dumb kids deserved what they got. Chances are, if a bar person asks you to leave and you're a minor, you're best off leaving.

  14. Its self defense when the owner hit the first kid. It was not self defense however, when he had the bouncer chase the kids and beat their asses. Nor when they took them behind the restaurant and beat their asses.
  15. Thanks for the replies guys. Anyway yes the bouncer and the owner of the resturaunt did take it a little to far. The owner is a hot head at times you should hear the shit he says to us. However the 16 kid was locked up in the car like bitch (hes the smart one tho). Also around where we live the my boss is looked up upon. He is a very respected man of the community and many police know him personally throughout the area. So idk how trouble he will get into.

  16. you'd be surprised, if it is the 16 year old with the broken jaw, joke is probably on the restaurant owner. It all depends though, who splurges the most on the lawyer?
  17. I didn't read this, but the only part of the title that I saw before I clicked on the topic was "My boss fucked 3 kids up the..." and I was like :confused:
  18. Well hopefully things will go well for him.
    It pisses me off that people seem to have so little respect these days.

    They were breaking the law on his property, something he could've technically gotten in trouble for had he not tried to chase them away or call the cops on them. When he tries to cover his own ass, they try to attack him. And the bitch-ass kid's dad is trying to sue him? That's absolute bullshit.

    Sounds like the little fuckers deserved what they got.
  19. Haha same :hello:

    To be honest, the part with the bouncer was not self defence, but your boss sounds pretty wealthy and respected so he'll be able to hire some good lawers, especially compared to the redneck guy. I'm sure once the redneck father learns how much it costs to go to court, he'll change his mind lol. That right there, is karma :)
  20. Civilized society breeds proletariat swine. Prison breeds hardened criminals. Uncivilized society breeds anarchy and with it comes the great equalizer of reality.

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