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Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by tednugent, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Anybody want to hear my idea for a series of books?
  2. many people have to say yes before you tell us?
  3. 4 is enough, but I gotta get stoned before I start typing too much of this shit. I don't have any pot right now, but I'll start telling you my plan. It's fantasy, but I also want to incorporate a lot of philosophy and other stuff. The whole story kind of revolves around "the blue star" which allows people to utilize a sort of "magic". There are three different types, one which affects the physical reality, one that affects people's perception of reality directly, and one that affects peoples perception of reality by making them concentrate on certain memories. It all hinges on the appearance of the blue star. The star is what provides the energy used by the magic--no star, no magic. It appears in cycles which cannot be predicted, and when it leaves, the whole world is cast into dissarray. People act as a conduit between the star and the Earth. By using magic, people instill magic into the very fabric of Earth. When the star disappears, the magic does with it, killing any who could use magic (by far the majority, especially of the learned) and ripping the crust of the Earth apart. There's a ton more, but I really can't think to well right now.

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