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my bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImPakelika, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. my bongs name is ed, tell me what you think about him.

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  2. slick lookin' bong.. is that ceramic, or?? glass?
  3. its ceramic and that big ass bowl on it isnt on there everyday, only on the smokeouts :)
  4. I shouldnt be allowed to own bongs, whenever i make one its lost whenever i buy one its lost even faster.
  5. neat!!! :cool: how's it work? :D
  6. heck... that's one sweet looking peice u got there... and that's gotta be one of the best bowls i've seen... it looks (as far as i can tell from th photo) like it meets my requirements for a bowl. good size, good shape & angle of incline....

    u wanna tell me where u got the bowl from?
  7. sweet bong man..lovin the bowl...look like a great hitter..I used to have a ceramic named scooby..cuz it had scooby doo on

    well Hope your bongs gets ALOT of use..

    peace bladez
  8. yeah that is sweet, i'd like to get ahold of one like that. i don't break or loose any of my pieces, i try to keep a good collection.
  9. i like your piece. i had a little glass one that i called lil' danky... my friend and i clogged the male slide in a week w/nothing but white widow. lol... what a week that was. it had an awesome shape. the tube curved so you could hit it and hold it straight up and down at the same time. it was almost S shapped but the top was straight toward the mouth, and the bottom curved a bit before going into the chamber. i got it from it's the little blue/white colored one w/the squiggle-star on the tube.

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