My Bong!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by pyrotec420, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. hello stoner friends this is my newest pic of my bong and plants lol ..very killer bong fucks you right up!!! lets have a phat sesssion!! ....plz feel free to post your equipment!!!...later friends!!!

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  2. Very fukn nice yo... fukn good bong got me high at cotton wood :D good shit keep postin pics on ur grow i can always come down n see em!
  3. Sup highgirly i saw ur post of them fukn huge buds Very killer do u have a bong or nice pipe u could post?
  4. Nice bong. Mine is similar except green and white (think matrix poster) and a wee bit taller.
  5. Nice u got a pic of it? (the green bong)
  6. nah he hasnt but soon very soon

  7. I'll snap one when I get home tonight. I'll also post up a pic of my glass spoon and my glass one hitters. :D
  8. Good shit thnx man
  9. nice bong, heres The King...

  10. ya i live right near him
  11. I ve fukn seen those plants hes grown since thay were like 2 inches tall little sprouts. fukn dope seein them much bigger
  12. Wow The King is fukn killer shit, thats 1 beuty bong my man good shit and keep up the posts.

  13. Well, I snapped the pics last night. They are WAY oversize for the City. I"m having a bit of trouble getting them scaled down, but when I do (with some help from our own Hempress hopefully,lol) I'll post them up.
  14. Here's the pic of my bong, thanks for the help Hempress. :D

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  15. here's the one hitter

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  16. My spoon

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  17. The nug jar

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  18. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I am far from a photo expert, lol. At least these will give ya the idea of what 'ol Indy puffs out of. :)
  19. wow those r fukn dope bong n stuff thnx for posting good shit!

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