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My bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Slayer2345, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. so I have a bong that I've used and every time I try cleaning it there's this brown stuff I can't get off on the glass but if I wrap it and stick something in it to change the sent can I put it in checked luggage on a plane? I'm not worried about my pipe. Oh I also have a grinder that's dirty can I take that? The attached file is my bong so you know what I'm talking aboht

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  2. Take everything.
  3. I am I'm moving to Idaho but if I can't get my friend to come get me I'll have to fly and I don't want TSA to take all my stuff
  4. Salt and isopropyl alcohol 99% and shake it. Dirty like that it's illegal paraphernalia in an airport , having it confiscated would be the least of your worries if they find it. Same with the grinder.
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  5. i find the best way to clean my bong is to stick it under the sink (perfect fit) and run the hottest water through it possible for 5-10mins, stop and pump a lil soap in it then repeat til bubbles are gone. it gets everything nice and clean
  6. yes under the tap for 5-10 like mentioned above, then run iso and salt through it and shake.... also there's this thing called "the original buddy" its like a fish tank scrubber but for your bong.. wont help much between the honey combs( that's why its recommended to keep it clean and use a screen) but should get in below and up top aswell.

    that's sorta why I go with the "classic" type bongs where all you have is one point of diffusion internally. so cleaning it from black, isn't as much a problem as cleaning a honey comb from tinted
  7. Got it[​IMG] no used salt and nail polish remover there's a few tiny specs in the honey comb but nothing big

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