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  1. this is my first post an i though i would post some pics of my home made bong it made It's got an ash catcher/blubber 6 arm tree perc and an ice chamber
    1 large Gatorade bottle
    1 small gatorade bottle
    1 dr pepper bottle
    6 bendy straws
    1 plastic tube
    1 small length of tubing
    1 light bulb
    and a few other things


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  2. hahaha sorry my house is messy
  3. Very creative!!

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  4. Super rad, dude! I thought I did well when I created a simple waterfall bong! 
    Who says weed kills brain cells?
    Good work, man!
  5. super cool, but do you taste any plastic?

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  6. Nope just the weed and if the ice I use it taste like freezer burn
  7. Sorry let me retype that lol
    No I don't taste plastic but if I use old ice it taste like freezer burn
  8. LOL. very creative rig.

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  9. i dont understand how you did the thing with the straws could you explain?
  10. Yeah I took the bottem Gatorade bottle lid and I burnt holes in it with my soldering iron then I cut 6 bendy straws and pushed it in the hole then rubber cemented the top bottle on and taped it to be safe
  11. Do u understand now I'm sorry I'm high and ill retype it tommarow if u still sit get it
  12. This is awesome!!
  13. Wow, haha holy shit thats creative. 
  14. That looks like a great bong. I like how you used a straw as part of a chamber, but it does not look 100% airtight around the ash catcher and stem.
    also check out my homemade Australian Springer bongs

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  15. yeah its not but i dont have this any more i took it apart and am gonna make a better one
  16. I just feel like those look like some sort of reusable condom.
  17. well yeah I guess they sort of do in a way.
    No looks like a penis pump.
  19. loloolol what looks like a used condom or penis pump??? the ash catcher?? its a light bulb. :confused_2:

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