My Bong setup/ Im in the market for a bubbler

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    My setup right now 
    Bong-RooR Ice Beaker 
    Downstem-Alex K showerhead Downstem 
    Slide- Luke WIlson (Leisure Glass) DD slide 
    Ashcatcher- Syn glass circ ashcatcher 
    (Edit: picture 2 posts down) 
    I am in the market for a new bubbler since I need something a little more portable than the RooR. I was looking at the mobius matrix perc bubblers because I have heard great reviews about the perc and glassmanship. Any other suggestions and advice would be well appreciated with other good glass brands and shit. 
    Also I am looking for a new slide. I have a luke wilson disc diffused slide I am thinking about investing in a b.wilson slide or is there other good disc diffused slide brands/glassblowers

  2. can you pit up some pictures

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  3. How much are you looking to spend?
    I know a lot of people say toro is just a name and not worth it.  IMO they are totally worth it, I like the mouth piece on tubes so I find the flared toro style mouth piece more comfortable than most bubbler mouth pieces.  You get a little bit of color on the tube as well (sure it's only mouthpiece and base or maybe a frit) but having some color on a tube makes a matching slide look better.  I have a double micro 7/13 arm(mighty mucous color)  and just got a froth to froth (slyme color).  Lovin the froth to froth at the moment.
    Double micro Toros are my favorite small flower piece, and they do okay with oil as well.  Highly recommend them.

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