my bong i made

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  1. she's a killer.
    i used a straw as the stem and wrapped it in electric tape.
    i screwed a bowl head into a bottle cap
    i cut out a carb and a mouth piece on the bottle
    its a vitamin water bottle

  2. that cannot be good for you...
  3. if ur really smoking ny diesel get ur weight up and holler @ some glass

  4. i know. it doesnt really matter to me though haha

  5. i know man. i prefer glass
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    I made one today with a new twisty style Sobe LifeWater bottle. The stem pulls out because I made the stem hole with soldering iron, and thus it also has a perfect seal. The stem is a standard socket head taped to a pencil tube. Took me 2 minutes to make and about 3 bucks, and works like a charm.

  7. oh well im gonna die someday

  8. sorry man i hate bein a dick but that's just ignorance.
  9. come on man keep it a little bit classier
  10. sorry but cmon... sure weed isnt the best for your body, but its good for your soul and for your mind. the plastic and other synthetic fumes are bad for all of these, and the disregard one exudes in consuming them anyway shows that one doesn't care about the body. while the body isn't the most important part of the self, care for it is still a major part of the purpose of life. life is n amazing thing, and to risk it, or to damage it without reason is ignorance and disrespect
  11. can a straw rly work?
  12. ignorance? he's right, he is gonna die someday.
  13. haha check out my homemade bong

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  14. now that is a banging homemade bong right there.
  15. Thanks Bro it took me 4 fucking tries to figure out how to post pictures but whatever (I'm a noob)

    The Bowl/Stem is glass (freshly cleaned :p) the rest is made out of a theme park cup with the top cut off. I heated the sharp top edge that i cut with a lighter and pressed it against my table so that its soft on your face. And i heated a screwdriver with a lighter and made the hole for the slide with that and i got super lucky and it fit perfect :). I don't really remember why i wrapped it with electrical tape i guess for grip :confused:. And i think there was something really retarded written on it but i don't know i was obviously really stoned when i made it haha.
  16. Here's another picture if anybody cares.

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  17. yeah man I completely agree with you. I was directing to keep it "classier" to the guy with the homemade bong. I think that weed is an art and it deserves not to be mixed with plastic and other chemicals while being smoked.

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