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my bong has spot idks how to get rid of?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krazykebert, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. hi so i have my bong that has cloudy spots all over it and idk how to get rid of them. Some spots are more clear then others, but i have no idea why. So at first i used iodized table salt and 91% alchohol and it cleaned all the nasty caked up resin and stuff, but after i rinsed with tap water there were these little spots everywhere. So i rinsed a few more times but the spots wouldn't leave. so i just said fuck it. and then when it came to the second time around to clean it i used a little 420 formula (friend lent it) which took the majority of the spots away but not all of them. But after awhile they came back. So idk if i used to wrong salt, or if its hard water. So i used alchohol and table salt again but i rinsed iwth distilled water, but no luck. So at this point idek what the hell to do. i've heard of people using vinegar to soak over night and apparently it works magic. But i just needs some tips as to what i might be doing wrong, i know now i should use kosher salt or epsom, also would it help if i used hot water to rinse?

  2. Try Randy's black label
  3. It's just calcium and/or mineral build up from the water. Aka "water spots" no different than you would get with hard water that dries on a car window.
    Get a bottle brush (foam type) and run very hot water onto the brush then scrub it in and out. You can put a drop or two of Dawn soap on that brush too. Between the dish soap and the hot water, that brush will scrape away the calcified residue from the water.
    And like you said, but worth repeating...use kosher salt, not table salt and when you rinse also use hot water. You may have calcium deposit spots left over because your water wasn't hot enough and didn't get rid of all the salt. But my guess is you probably have hard water.
  4. I recently had this problem.  I put a paper towel in a piece of twisted wire, put some "glass scrub" on it and put the wire in a drill to speed up the scrubbing.  Cleaned it all up really good but left a residue that needed to be cleaned out afterwards.  This is an automotive detailing product, not sure if it's even still around.  Not sure if I would do it this way again, fyi.

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