My bong got stolen.

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  1. The other day, some high-school buddies of mine hit me up asking if I wanted to smoke and I said sure why not since they offered to smoke me out for free granted I provide the glass. A few days later, one of them asks to borrow one of my bongs and I was generous enough to let him. This was a 200 dollar bong that my fiancée got me for my birthday. It was also in a backpack that had about 120 dollars worth of stuff including some bowls, a torch, a nail, and a nice Santa Cruz shredder grinder, and also a 70 dollar bong case so more around 160 dollars, 360 total. When I asked for it back, he blocked me. I literally cried because it was my fucking birthday gift and it meant the world to me. Just venting sorry
  2. If this happened to me:

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  3. I would never lend out that much stuff

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  4. Hahahahahahahah dude. I hope you learned your lesson about too much unnecessary kindness. Go stab that motherfucker with the bong you break over his head.
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  5. Thats a shitty thing to do. Cant you ask someone to have a word with him

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  6. do you know where he stays? if you do go and get it back.
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  7. I'd be scared to lend that much stuff out to close friends, never mind people I don't know well.
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  8. I would go to my local police station and report the theft
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  9. Yea they are duty bound to investigate any reported theft. The fact its a bong has nothing whatsoever to do with it.
    They really wont care they may judge you but all cops are judgemental lol

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  10. Lucky you. I got robbed not to long ago and they took my pipe.
    They took all my kids cloths for the next year. My Jordans collection. My PlayStation. All my DVDs....10 years worth. My baseball card collection I was saving to pay for my kids college education. They fucking took my kids they have to wear dirty shoes that are getting small They ransacked my house. Let my dogs loose in the neighborhood. These assholes stole my TV when I fuckinh go home. At night I can't watch TV.
    Your lucky
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  11. find the pricks who done it, someone has to have saw them/
  12. He could always say it was my back pack with my school books LOL
    I was joking in the 1st post about reporting it to 5-O, but shit they stole a lot of gear from this dude right
  13. Wow I'd never lend that much out to anybody. Either you're gonna have to find him or take it as a loss.
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  14. Oh man, sorry to hear that. I hope karma comes around for the low lives that steal from children. That's as low as as a person can go.

  15. Thanks but actually the way I see it, its karma getting back at me for all the things I did when I was younger....karma IS a bitch
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  16. At least THEIR kids are wearing nice polo outfits and Jordan's lol

    Idk bout y'all that like to rob people but I much rather my kids wear second hand cloths then wear something that was stolen. Makes that kid look like a scrub.
  17. Shoulda sold your jordans to move out of the hood. Or you shoulda got insurance

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  18. That happened to me once when I was about 17. They learned their lesson, as did i.

    Never lend out your stuff to teenagers, ever!

    Jk, but I'm not easily trusting of people. At 34, there's only a handful of people I would trust with my valuables.
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  19. Lol I don't think 5k worth of shoes is going to get me out of this hood
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  20. Dude, that is fucked. I would find a way to track him down somehow, fuck that. I'd also be on the lookout among people you know for your shit being re-sold. My guess is that he might do that with some of the things in that bag.

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