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My Bong Broke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by magic redbull, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Should I get a crappy bong asap then save up for 6 months to get a bong that costs around 120? Or should I wait a month or two then buy a cheaper bong, probably a ssfg 13 inch beaker base ($85) then buy a good ac for it somewhere down the road?
  2. Do you have anything else to smoke out of that's decent for the meantime?

    If yes, wait a month or two and buy a decent bong.

    If no, buy a shitty bong now and then buy a decent bong months later.
  3. If you don't care what you smoke out of, get a cheap $5 pipe and save up hella money for a nice bong. If you do, get a cheap bubbler ($15-20) and save up for the $85 one.
  4. I have 2 spoons, a chillum, and a hookah but I dont like to use the hookah for weed and I hate smoking out of pipes regularly with no water filtration.
  5. Smoke the dry pieces until you've got enough skrilla to get a damn good bong (like 150) Cheaper bongs are just disappointing.
  6. Wait, why is it gonna take you 6 months to save $120?
  7. are you homeless or like 8 years old? who takes half a year to save up 120 dollars.
  8. get a job or sell something. or sell your body.

    a bong is a device of luxury. dont cheap out.
  9. yeah 6 months is kind of overkill, i didnt exactly do the math on that one
  10. I agree. If its gonna take 6 mos to save enough to buy a nice bong I'd say go buy an acrylic dude...
  11. lol @ 6 months

    just look on this site. you can get a decent bong for like 30 bucks.
  12. [quote name='"magic redbull"']I have 2 spoons, a chillum, and a hookah but I dont like to use the hookah for weed and I hate smoking out of pipes regularly with no water filtration.[/quote]

    Damn just smoke the dry pipes. Hookahs are meant to be smoked with shisha not weed. You could probably make some sort of substance that is similar to shisha that you could put in the hookah but it would be kinda wasteful. :smoke:
  13. just get a nice bong. bongs are the only way to smoke

  14. I would buy a third spoon before i bought an acrylic I hate those things they're no better then homemades.

  15. I agree. Then just make a homemade lol.
    I made a homemade with a working slide and everything and it ripped harder than my friends glass bong.
    I'd say save your moneys and work on a nice DIY bong. It's more satisfying anyway.
  16. why not a bubbler?
  17. where did it break? If its just a small crack you can gorilla glue that bitch until you get money for a new one

  18. I want something much larger then that, the cheap bongs on gc are generally pretty small

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