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  1. Of all the things we will ever possess in this life, our body is the most valuable. Many people take this for granted, as I am sure you have all noticed in recent years; fat people abound. In fact I doubt a lot of people realize this or give it much thought, but I think it should of the foremost importance for all us. Most people take better care of their vehicles than they do themselves, kinda sad. So many other problems stem from being obese, especially psychologically, resulting in self-hatred, depression, and other ailments. So ultimately this thread is intended to bring this to the forefronts of all of our minds, and make you realize how much your body means to you. And I am not only talking about being overweight, their are so many things we do that completly destroy our bodies. Being fat is just the most obvious. I am sure you've all thought of this before, but its easy to forget, so take care of yourselves Grasscity. Peace.

    P.S. I love pot, and I smoke it with pleasure and know its effects. But with all good things, I believe in enjoying it in moderation. Of all the horrible things that we put into our bodies I believe it is the least of my worries.
  2. I was takin a piss and I realized how my body is the most important thing in my life and stuff. you hit the nail on this thread.
  3. Wow. Thanks for this. I think we all know this in the back of our minds but we are scared to come to these realization because then we would have to take responsibility for ourselves... and we all know how much some people dont like to be held accountable. Its easier to blame our bad health on society, and fast food, and work. Thats not right. No. Take responsiblity for youself. Laziness is our problem these days, life is too easy.
  4. I'm glad I take care of myself and I don't let pot make me lazy
  5. I'm glad my body seems to take care of itself. I eat pounds of food high, and never gain weight.
  6. Same way man, you just got yourself a high metabolism, FTW
  7. Yeah, it's great. I still should start taking better care of myself, though. I quit drinking mainly for that purpose.
  8. I need to take care of my body, but my brain doesn't want me to.
  9. High metabolisms don't prevent clogged arteries, skinny people can have heart attacks and strokes just the same.

    Something to think about as you get older.
  10. Informative: Yes
    True: Yes
    Buzzkill: Fuck yes

  11. As long as I'm not fat.....
  12. Very true.
  13. Nevermind...
  14. be conscious of what food and energy we are putting in our bodies.

    you are what you eat, to a point at least.
  15. I stopped drinking soda, I'm not fat or anything but all I eat is junkfood so I'm going to cut down on that.
  16. I don't drink soda, havem't in 6 months, besides a time when I went to Ballpark Pizza and ate a pizza and an entire bottle of mountain dew. :).

    I don't eat much fastfood, maybe once a month. And I'm pretty much a vegetarian. Thankfully my body rewards me with fucking sweet abs. I eat meat maybe once a week.
  17. Rotate.... Bumped.
  18. Great thread. I exercise regularly and cut all soft drinks/fast food out of my diet about 2 years ago...I intend to start regularly vaporizing soon.

  19. thin does not = healthy.

    i need to take better care of my body. don't exactly do anything that horrible to it or anything, but i would like to be even healthier. been slacking in my healthy eating ways... as well as exercise. been slacking majorly in that area as well.

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