my board height + dimmer of my board

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  1. Hey all
    My tent is
    180cm high

    Yesterday i finely connect my board (with huge help of my friends here), its amazing and i connect it with rachets
    Because of the board chain the highest height of the board from the ground is 130cm, in case that i need at least 40cm between my flowers to the board its mean that i got 85-90cm hight for the flowers to grow.
    Is it enough? I need to make the board shorter?

    LM301B 240W 3000k+660mn
    About the dimmer (watch the photo) when i turns the dimmer to the maximum level its really really strong
    Do i need in some point to use the full power of the dimmer,?
    What can be my Tests to check that the light is not to high/short from the flowers (except the temperature)

    Great day people's

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  2. Veg around 4,000k and flower at 3,000k.
  3. You need a cheap lux meter to really dial in your light levels I use this one
    Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital...
  4. You can shorten the leaders on your boards to get more height also
  5. You can loop the wire ropes back on themselves to cut their length in half so you get more headroom.
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  6. I will try to do that look like good idea
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  7. Not working, too short

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