my blueprints, where should i put my lights?

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  1. my blueprints are attached. plz help.
    tell me how many and what kind i need but plz keep at a desent cost!
  2. how do i put a picture i drew on my appleworks program onto here

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  3. little trouble srry
  4. now can u tell me where to put them at and how many i will need and what type and how much they cost
  5. depending on how much you want to grow you could use 250w's 400s or even 600s. id stick with the 400hps's tho.
    you can pay anything from £50 to £250 for a 400 depending on what you want and how well you shop around.

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  6. 2 x HPS 400 = 250$ x 2 = 500$

    7 x CF and fixtures = maybe 50$ tops.

    ill bet a constant production stash of 4 oz a month
    4 oz x 400$ oz = 1600$/month.

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  7. oops

    forgot about the rotation

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  8. i was thinking something like this!

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  9. lights and stuff

    light area cost
    150watt 2x2 79.99

    250watt 3x3 137.99

    400watt 4x4 177.99

    600watt 6.5x6.5 228.99

    1000watt 8x8 247.99

    all these r both mh & hps setups.

    found them on ebay
  10. if your gonna mount 2 400s to cover a 11foot long space then atleast mount them with the bulbs facing across the grow not along the grow like you have in that last pic or there will be some real dull spots in that grow. even then 5.5ft is a long streach for a 400. imho 3 or 4 250s will do a much better job as the grow is only 2ft wide. and if your gonna use 250s then why not throw 1 in that scrog aswell, would meen you having to carry less spare bulbs and ballasts if 1 did go bad on you.

    rotation along the long grow is a good idea.
  11. its cheaper to do 6 150's on the long grow and on the scrog ill put a 250.

    also, is a 5 gallon bucket a big enough container for a plant?If so would it be wise to put 22 5gallon buckets in the long grow because i want to fit as many plants as i can in my grow room.

    5gallon bucket is a foot in diameter so that would mean 2 rows of 11 side-by-side touching eachother. would this produce less or more then if i didnt have as many and spaced them out?

    and one more thing: how many plants do u have in a scrog about 3x3 feet 1.....2....3.....?how much do u think it will yeild?if not alot i will just do a SOG in that bac left corner.
  12. ive never really grown indoors, so my first grow will probably be a dud...LOL

    oh ya what type of lights will i need hps or mh or both. the prices on my list are for the switchablemh and hps ones?
  13. froggy: you said 4 O's a month buddy weed dont mature that fast and if your refering to the scrog, How long does that really take

    because if a SOG will produce more at the speed as the scrog i will do it instead.i could probably fit around 20 plants into the scrog place for a SOG grow

    this brings me to another question: how long does it take plants to be fully mature in a scrog grow and a sog grow
  14. oh ya i forgot to put the lights horizontal(just wanted to make it look nice

    and whats with the fixtures? do i really need more lights then what i already set up
  15. what i ment was...

    if u set it up like i had it, thru a rotational system u could harvest about 5 plants a month in there.

    here is maybe a better explaination of what i was thinkin...

    use the small square to do all ur 'veg'in room'.

    MH or CF or someother kinda fluro system. then that compartment is sealed off light and on 24/0 or 18/6 forever. once a plant has gotten to a 12" height, it moves into the 'flowering room which is ur longer room.

    as ur plant matures it moves down into ur room closer and closer to the fan. why u ask? do u want ur stinky thickly leaved plant closer to the fan then the airy more spindly plant nearer the door?
    so ur air comes in thru ur airy unflowered plants and gradually brings thru the stink til it gets outside. (im assuming its venting to the outside).

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  16. so lets do a pretend time line for ur 4oz a month system u gots goin here. fyi, u could easly do more if u were so inclined with as much room as u have.

    u seed 10 seeds at a time in veg area #1. in about 35 days, those plants could get to be about 1 ft tall, which is large enough to go into the flowering room.

    u should be able to weed out the males within a week of flowering cycle. one of ur jobs is to get good at that and after a few grows with ur plants, ull get the hang of that pretty good. 9/10 times i can tell a male/female even before flowering bench.

    u then put the plants 5 at a time (or 10 and weed out the males very shortly as not to take up space, unless ofcourse u wanna make ur own seeds which i would highly recommend. why pay for it if u could get it for free?) into the #2 area which is ur newly forming flowering plants. these are the ones that u need to take care of. prune, tie down, whatever ur gonna do to em to increase ur harvesting techniques. this #2 area is 12/12 hps and CF filled lighthouse of lumes. i want this area to be glowing like the sun. as these plants are harvested off the back end of area #3, the plants are slid over, slowly getting older and older and more mature (and stinky) until the day comes when ur seed is now about 1oz of stash for ur pleasure.

    my estimation is that u have enough for 4 diff cycles going in the amount of room that u have, maybe even 5. if ur 5 plants takes 120 days roughly from dry seed to harvest day and produces about 1 oz of stash, divide that by 4 cycles and u come up with about 5oz a month. 1 oz will be not up to snuff and some of that u will use for ur seed making. so in the end...u have 4oz a month.


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  17. by the i read this im not sure of something.

    my assumption here is that u can keep light within the boarders that u have drawn. meaning that one part can have a diff light cycle than the other part.

    also...these walls have to allow for proper air circulation. exausted air goes thru the path of least resistance. if u have ur exaust fan right next to an open door...ur back part of the room isnt gonna get ANY air. make sure u set it up so that its a sort of a 'wind tunnel'. how to check is to light an insense and watch the smoke blow thru. and check around the building to where that smell is going to. if that smell leaks into ur neighbors place, it wont be long till someone comes knocking.

    a chamber when u close the doors, air comes in ur veg area, circulates thru the room and spews out the end of the flowering room. also allowing for no air or lightage escape.

    also, 3 gallon pot is my perfered soil holder. 5gal too big. and if u are gonna clone, 3 is plenty big.

    as to lights? i agree with thug, more da better. easly u could do 4 x 250's in the flower room. but i dont agree to put HPS in the veg room. i think its a waste of $$$ for the results. MH yes, CF's yes, HPS no. CF's are cheap to run and easy to use and cheap to buy more with. if u get 3000 lumes per cuft, ur good to go. however many u need to get to that point is up to u.
  18. would 6 150's work better? im not that rich so i have to go to the cheapest!

    froggy u set it up with three grow spaces.why shouldnt i get hps for all of them
  19. hps = reds which are most used in the flowering stage.

    mh or CF's = blues which are most used in the veg stage.

    also, hps puts out alot of lumes. u dont need that many to veg it. u could easly grow all ur veg area with 250w MH or maybe 200w (8x 50w) of cf's put together.

    but there is no doubt that u need HPS for flowering or dont even bother.

    as to how many HPS? ive done a little calc work.

    11ft Lx 2ft Wx 2.5ft H = 55cuft. 55x3000 lumes for max growth = 165,000 lumes needed. with mylar and good lighting placement, my guess is u need about 125,000 lumes.

    400w = about 50,000 lumes ave thruout the life. so u need about 1000 watts for a full grow. 6 x 150w is close.
    900w of HPS is gonna be hot. and i would supplement with CF's like blazin's grow journal if ur gonna try and push some serious plant growing thru this system.

    again...this is pushing alot of harvest and wattage thru ur place. certainly u can scale this all back.

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