My BlueCheese lady! I think she's ready, what about you?

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  1. OK so this is the 55th day since 12/12
    I have 2 BlueCheese plants but this is my oldest lady.
    Trichomes are about 30/70 amber but changing quickly everyday, so I believe this is her peak! Im also looking for more of a head high than a body stone. But anyways heres some pics, that molasses definitely helped fatten them buds;)
    Also some pics of my other lady, that is just over a month in flowering..

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  2. Damn, Very nice pics. You LST very well.:smoke:
  3. Wow that looks amazing, great job on the LST. How long did you veg for?
  4. Thanks Guys!:wave:
    I use cfls, so lst kicks asss
    I vegged both for about month and a half-2months
    You guys think shes ready?
    I wanna chop chop tomorrow night when i get home from work:devious:
    Her nugs just look so delish, its just too temptinggg!
  5. Dammmnn thats hot. I wanna see what you can accomplish with a scrog! ++rep
  6. Damn, This is probly the first time ive ever been completely impressed by a pure CFL grow. +rep
  7. :wave:Great Growin!!:hello::hello:

    how much actual wattage are u using ? u said CFLs so im veryy yinterested~! im currently on my first grown and im using CFl
  8. edit: beat me to the question ^^
  9. best LST ive ever seed, very very good job.
  10. Thank you all very very much, I owe it all to the city and all the kind people who share their knowledge and experience on growing:D
    I remember years ago researching everyday for months and had a little outside grow that never worked out ha but ya lst is all I really know, and I would never grow any other way..
    Except scrog! I actually want to try that next time around, and I also have 2more Bluecheese beans and plan to order a few more of the pick n' mix! But oh yeah before i forget I have around 250-300wts. on my oldest lady, and around 400-500wts. on my youngest. Ikr alot of wattage, but I want nice thick buds and you do what you gotta do right?
    Heres my grow journal, it shows my very first grow with bagseed, all the way up to almost now with my bluecheese ladies..
    So if your interested to see how i started out, how I have the lights set up, or you just wanna drop a few words.. FEEL FREEEE:hello::smoke:
  11. Did you FIM or Top your plants or simply just LST?
  12. the more amber they get the more body stone u gonna get lol great job man

  13. I was also wondering this, as well as something else. How did you go about your LST? By that I mean: outward stretch? spiral?

    I would love to make my plants look like that.
  14. I usually just transplant 3 or 4 times in veg before i switch over to flower. So the first 3-4 weeks get her nice and established. Thats when I like to tie just tie the main stem down to get nice and level so more light exposure to the lower nodes. About half month to a month later when you think shes ready to flower (depending on your grow space or how long you veg) I transplant in the final pot and thats when I drill holes about 3/4 of an in. apart from eachother, all the way around the pot. You want to transplant your main stalk somewhere around the edge of your pot, that way you can tie your main stalk to the opposite side of the pot. Or atleast in a place where you can tie it down and expand the light on your new lower canopy, which will soon become delicious top colas:smoking: But you just keep tying down your new Main colas, bringing them to the edge of the pot, while more stalks start to develop on them and pretty soon your just multiplying budsites. But if you are growing with cfls and dont have much space, be careful how long you veg because, you might not end up with enough room to tie down all your colas and spread the light evenly. Okay so i hope this made sense, little stonedddd:smoking: but feel free to ask any questions or comment, glad to have people interested in this! Its just too easy, to not share some of the tricks. Also if anyone has heard of supercropping, or if you are interested lmk. Its how I got so many budsites on B.C. #2 huge fan of the technique!
    OK so I bid you guys farewelll, happy smoking! Ill be around if you wanna chat:D:wave:
  15. that is just incredible. is there a chance you could give us a photo of under the canopy so we can get a better visual of your lst job? I am very impressed.

  16. I'm very interested brotha if you could shoot me a PM that would be amazing. nice plants how come you never updated us? :hello:
  17. How big are the pots you are using?

    Great looking LST BTW....the best I have ever seen. +rep.
  18. Of course and thank you

    Theirs many different ways of supercropping, but its basically like lst without the tieing down part. You simply pinch the stalk of a side branch or main stalk, (if you prefer but I still continue to lst my plant so I dont pinch the main stalk) just to where it snaps on the inside and then proceeds to hang at a 90degree angle. This technique comes in handy for me when my pot is all filled out and their is no more room to tie down certain branches. So pinch the stalk closer to the start of the branch, rather than towards the tip (not effective) maybe 3in. When you make this a general theme all over your plant in veg, making it a continuous cycle of pinching, letting them heal, grow back up towards the light, basically just rotate stalks that you pinch. When doing this, your not stunting any growth because your doing minimal amounts at a time, and your actually making the stalk stronger. It will grow back thicker and better than it was before, while giving the canopy underneath it, a sudden burst in growth! If done correctly throughout veg you will have a rather even canopy. Hope this was somewhat clear? If not just ask I dont mind explaining a little more into depth!

    Thanks Mon!

    Thanks alot broskiii I am using about 3-5g size pots I believe!:)

    Sorry it took so long to respond guys! Wasnt aware their was activity in this thread again.
    You caught me just in time actually, I am on day 55 of flowering with my 2nd B.C. lady friend:smoking:
    Ok so I took some pics of the under canopy, main stalk, and other random shizz
    Comments appreciated!

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    Did you end up chopping the first girl at 55 days? I also do minimal lst'ing when height becomes an issue with the main colas. (tie down & topping during veg.) I also experimented with supercropping. I noticed that the ones that were supercropped seemed healthier and had slightly bigger buds. Great job none the less.:smoking:

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