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  1. Hi, I am new at posting here but i have been lurking for a while. I'm very interested in starting my first grow. I'm 19 and i rent a place with a room mate, so I have been looking for something that can be inconspicuous, but not too pricey. I found a grow box called my bloom buddy. i was wondering if it was possible to grow through flowering in it. i think it will be okay if i pull them out of veg early. Also, they state for an additional $99 they can give me two extra t5 lights, and i was wondering if they were necessary. here is a link to what i am talking about, i just wanted to get a second opinion before i buy. My Bloom Buddy - 8 Plant | Grow Box, Hydroponic System, LED Grow Lights
    Thank guys! i appreciate the help you all have offered me so far with this huge archive of threads. it is very very helpful! PEACE! :D
  2. IMO it's not worth it. You can get a much better setup for $400. How much space do you have to work with? Do you have a closet you can grow in?
  3. where could you get a nice set up for 400??
  4. I just picked one up on ebay for half that price,started my grow 4 days ago with 4 clones, so far so good but we will see....btw the one i have has the 4 lights

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  5. Its a great set up for a small SoG grow. T5's don't penetrate more then 2 ft down so you're gonna want to go 12/12 from seed or maybe veg for 1 week then flower...
  6. Yes,so far so good...i agree i need to go 12/12,i honestly thought there would be more transplant shock then there was. I am thinking of going to a sinker and thread method of weighing them down,but i am going to do more research first.All and all i am SOFAR very happy with the bloom buddy
  7. I just purchased one of these. How did the rest of it go? Do you have any suggestion?
  8. If purchasing this, I would go with the 4 T5 upgrade. Once you get the hang of growing in it, CO2 supplementation would help you get more yield big time.
  9. Have you used one of these yourself? I did get the 4 T5's with the system. I was hoping to find someone with experience with this system. I would like to try a small SOG, but i am a rookie.
  10. So far everything is going good...I put them into flowering 12/12 2 days ago and they look good. they do eat up alot of water though so you have to watch that.I am thinking of going to the grow store and get some flowering lights but i am sure they will do fine with either. I am pretty pleased so far!

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  11. How do you like the Bloom Buddy itself? I am just curious about functionality and is there anything I should look out for.
  12. My opinion is the bloom buddy is exactly as advertised,obviously there are some limits on what you can do.I dont expect the yield to be on the same level as an outdoor or even a closet grow,but the system itself is solid.There is no odor control,so that is one thing you should be aware of.I also agree with the dude who commented about the co2,that would be a nice addition.But all and all i think its an awesome little box,and if nothing else,it would be a great clone box.
  13. Thanks, that is exactly the kind of information I needed. I will have to look into options to manage the odor, that could be a problem.

  14. Do you have a recommendation for a CO2 supplementation device for a box of this size? Any advice or point in the right direction would be really appreciated.

  15. I just bought one how long should you veg in something like this? I don't want them getting too big. Also for those that have used it how much dried product did you get? I'm a pretty heavy smoker and I want to know if this will be enough
  16. hey man...OMDOGG gives solid advice
    wouldn't purchase it myself, you could convert a small refrigerator or cabinet way cheaper
    you'd need some tools though. there are some great DIY projects on the site.
    looks like a nice little box though if you are looking for a turn key set up

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