My birthday tommrow.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. So, tommorow (the 3rd) is my birthday. I have probley $35-$40 to burn and I dont know what on. Floydian is already buying me a piece in the near future for my b-day, and weed is already taken care of, so i won't need any of that. What should I buy to make my b-day better? I was thinking some shrooms, but they aren't EVER in my town. The blow in town sucks, so thats out of the question.. I just don't even feel happy tommorows my birthday =(.

  2. go to the strip club and buy some lapdances :D
  3. happy b-day man!! g/l on the shrooms hunt, acid is always good as well. or you could just buy some everclear :smoking:

    that is a good idea aswell haha
  4. Heroin? Or is that out of the question. Any opiates would be nice.. :)
  5. HApPY BDAY.

    ill smok one for that
  6. more weed or lots and lots of munchies. :D

    happy birthday
  7. Thanks Blades!

    Put it this way.. the only drugs in my town are Pot, Pills, and shitty blow. I think I might just pick up a few Methadones, take those, and smoke some pot.. nothing else to do.. Probley just going to be 'another' day for me.. oh well. :(

  8. Methadone? Talk about choosing the worst opiate possible. (at least in my opinion.) Cant you get some OC's or percs?
  9. shit man, if i was home i would get you some shit to make it a happy day :D ah well
  10. Yeah, but why? It's so expensive. 'Dones are $10 each and last all day. You can take 2 and be fucked up all day.

  11. man i say fuck pills n all that shit. just buy more weed. can never have enough.
  12. No, I definatly can. I smoke a 1/4 or more a day.. I don't need anymore. I REALLY wanted shrooms.. but they are no where to be found. =( But I'm goin to bed.. the sooner tommorow comes, the sooner it ends. :(:(


  13. why its not like its going to be a bad day
  14. You should have given us more notice.. Im sure I could have found you a way to get mushrooms ;)
  15. hehe why are you going to bed depressed? at least it sounds like it
  16. Actully I layed in bed and watched COPs for a while. I got bored so I can back on here. I'm not depressed, I was just really high and confused, heh. But it's alright, I'm buying either a Zip or QP of some mids on friday =)..

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  17. Happy Birthday Aimed!!!!! :yay::hello::yay::hello::yay::hello::yay::hello:
  18. that combo of smilies is trippy as fuck to me right now wykid.............:smoke: very entertaing to watch that
  19. Thank ya Wykid, I am offically 19 as of right now. :wave: I wish I was 21 though, then I'd be able to go out drinkin (legally).

  20. Happy Birthday AFD!!!


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