My birthday gifts to myself.

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  1. Just finished spending my 19th birthday money! Here's what I spent it on..

  2. Nice Gifts u got! Sick Bong, Hashish, good bud, Cool Vape! +Rep Happy Birthday! Have Fun! PEACE! :smoke:
  3. All looks premium bro!

    Hope your bday was good!

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    (belated) happy birthday mate, ACTUALLY some hash in Britain that doesnt look like shit haha, enjoy.
  5. The weed is a little leafy but i've given it a little trim since those pictures. And my birthday was great thanks, I stayed in bed untill 1 then got up and smoked all day with my close buddys while playing 360. And I've got a party to bring my vape to tomorrow so it's all good!
  6. Nice, sounds like a B-Day well spent! :smoke:
  7. happy birthday man that looks like some nice hash. what kinda vap is that?
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    Ha well avoid that soap like the plauge and you should be ok.

    Lots of that pollen going about, one guy had some charas last week as well, nice stuff :)

    Edit: Norwich is nowhere near the weed capital of britain btw dude :p
  9. that chuck of keif looks great
  10. Looks great man, enjoy your bday
  11. is that a Black Leaf bong? Ive never seen one...

    nice lookin hash
  12. Congrats man, nice bong, lets see some videos of you milking it. Nice vape man, how much did that cost you? :smoke:
  13. nice stuff man. happy birthday too.
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    Thanks for the great replys! Yeah it's a black leaf bong and I would make a milkvid but I don't want to smoke in my house (girlfriends rule, I use the garden). The vape cost me 60 pounds which is exactly.....85 dollars from my local headshop.
    Also, i'm vaping at 375 F is that a good temp? I've used the search button and can't find a definitive answer.
  15. Make a vid outside. :) 375-420 r primo temps! :smoke:
  16. the glass looks a little thin but great presents no doubt.
  17. Looks like a nice birthday!

  18. Yeah it is, but that's why it was only 30 pounds. I knew what I was paying for and as long as i'm carefull it should be fine.

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