My Birthday - 6/7/06

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  1. Well yupp, today (or should I say yesterday?) was my 21st birthday. I started off chillin'... smoked a small joint of dank Crippie around 12pm-ish. My parents come over several hours later and brang me my birthday gift - $300. I was so excited, but I tried to keep my 'emotions' intact. They stay around an hour or so more and then hit the road.

    So I'm very excited. I call up my boy and asked him if he knows anyone that's selling an ounce, or a half oz, because my dealers weren't picking up their phone. He tells me he knows someone that can get me of alittle over a half O of Purple Haze. Yes! I know it may not be the ORIGINAL Purple Haze, but it'll work for me! So yeah, we're heading to pick it up... I paid $180 for it. Great price!

    We head to the smokeshop and pick up acouple Royal Blunt wraps... Cherry Vanilla, Green Apple, Jamaican Rum, and Purple Haze. Now he's rollin' a Green Apple in the car and we blaze up, also calling acouple more friends and decide to go to the movies, see whats poppin' there. We get there and free tickets to The Omen. The 5 of us go behind the movies and roll another blunt. I was blazed out my mind, and we still had 2 blunt wraps left. I said let's chill for now, go in the theater and scope out chicks, get some snacks, etc before the movie, in which we'll spark up a another fresh blunt before we go inside.

    The movies starting... but with like 15 minutes of previews, we know that it's just enough time to get a blunt going. So we roll the Jamaican Rum, and wow, this has always been one of my favorites! So we get some seats and are watching The Omen. Pretty good, had me buggin' off some of those scenes.

    We get outta there, and go to Burger King. My buzz is fading little by little, so my one boy gets the final blunt of the night going - the Purple Haze, filled with Purple Haze. :smoking: God it was great! We went to my house to chill, 2 of my boys headed their own direction. So the 3 of us play PS2 "Devil May Cry"... it was creepy, but I loved it!

    Damn, it was just an amazing day!, or night I should say. And the best part is, I still got... I don't know how many nugs, AND, a good $90 left. This whole week now is lookin' up.
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  2. Happy birthday to ya...hope you enjoyed the omen as much as I did. Enjoy that purp...I started a 2 week tolerance break today.
  3. sounds like an awesome birthday.

    were the buds actually purple?

    happy belated birthday
  4. Yeah the buds were purple.

    My first time I had purp, and it definately won't be the last!
  5. damn man thats sounds like a great day. and happy birthday for the second time. one time someone tried to sell me some purple for $60 an eigth and i was all FUCK NO! awesome deal dude.
  6. Wow man. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you're having an awesome time :smoke:
  7. Lol forreal... $60 for an eighth?

    But yeah, I did good on this deal IMO... about $12 a gram, 15 grams. You can't beat it.
  8. Good shit man

    +rep for the story, and seeing the omen while high!

    looks like you need it aswell.

  9. Sounds awesome, getting purp this weekend maybe.
  10. Haha sounds bad ass man, seems like everything went perfect and happy b-day(even though its too late)............. The 6th was my friends and my dads b-day too.
  11. Word? I didn't know it but this elderly lady that lived acouple houses down across the street from me also said it was her birthday. I felt like saying fuck it, lemme bring you back to your teenage years - come with me and toke up like it was the 70's all over again! :smoking:
  12. hell yeah man sounds like a nice birthday.
  13. Yeah it was.
  14. Fuck yea dude. lol Happy (late) Birthday bro. Enjoy your purp!!! :D
  15. :hello: Happy belated birthday :p cheers!
  16. Thanks man...
  17. Happy belated bday bro
  18. Yeah... thanks bro.
  19. Got any pics of the "Haze"?

    Anyways sounds like you had a good one!

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