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My Biggest Hash Pickup and the Greatest i've Smoked

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Smooth Criminal, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. #1 Smooth Criminal, Mar 18, 2012
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    This is the biggest pickup i've ever got.Also this is the dankest hash i've ever smoked:smoke:.This is Lebanese hash.It's feel's smooth,a really sugary smell,and a really good taste.This is really strong.I'm in Israel so this pile of hash is worth ($250 U.S).How many gram's do you think this is?We buy in measurement's over here in Israel,not by wight.

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  2. nice man i wish i could come across some hash. only buds here:[
  3. And I thought my hash pickup was fat :eek:
    I have no idea how much that could possibly weigh,
    how do the measurements work over in Israel?

  4. You can get ANYTHING in Portland.
  5. #5 Smooth Criminal, Mar 18, 2012
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    Depending on the quality.

    For Example:There are some types of hash the come at the size of a cigarette for $25,but that quality isn't that good.There is dank that come's the size of a cigarette filter for $25,the quality is really good.You get it?Wight doesn't matter over here,we sell by the size and the quality of the hashish.It all depends on the quality of it,an your source of eye-ball's for the measurement.

    80% of the time you find hash over here,you rarely find any green.
  6. looks like an o. nice pickup
  7. I'm going to go with about 24.079741320 grams. Give a take a few grams.. smoke up :smoking:
  8. i would guess its just under 9 grams.

    always wanted to try some hash from your part of the world your lucky. enjoy.
  9. 30 g brick imo
  10. about a half oz so 14 grames (give or take a gram)
  11. #12 BuRnTrEeS247, Mar 18, 2012
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    Who give a fuk about weight its fuking A LOT OF HASH. Haha do shit so is that quailty hash? Or not.that dank? Just saying from what u said about size or u get hookup? Sp do u wish there was more green or hash? Shits badass tho bro smoke up.

    Are the last two cig filter size a different quailty?
  12. ^ yeah it looks like a heavy half zip 16 g. I figure each large tootsie roll piece is probably 3-4 g. Looks awesome

  13. I like your system a lot more than the US metric system.
  14. :smoke::smoke:I'd guess a little more that a half. Looks tasty though.
  15. either you're joking or just fucking stupid.

    I'd say that's at least a half oz.
  16. ive been a toker for the past 3 years all day everyday, and i have never came acroos an opportunity to buy hash in portland:(
  17. I'd guess about 10-12 grams there
  18. God damn they look like tootsie rolls haha. I'm pretty jealous right about now. I love popping in that glass screen and smoking straight hash bowls. Have fun with that brother, I know I would.
  19. How pure is the hash that you guys get? Like, is it adulterated much/any? And how is it made? Like, qwiso, hand rolling, etc.

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