My big indoor grow. x3 tents

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by lawbaw, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Hey guys/girls.

    First of all I woukd like to introduce myself as this is my first time on this club, names lawbaw and I am just looking to share good practice.

    This is my 5th indoor grow and my first time doing autos

    Al run through what I've got quick.

    Tent 1: 1x girls out cookies (fast seeds) 1x think diffrent (Dutch passion) 2x auto xtream (Dutch passion. 600 watt hps digital, coco and clay pebbles 3 gallon pots.

    Tent 2: 6x dark devil auto (sweet seeds) 10 x red poison auto (sweet seeds) 1200 watt hps, coco, 3 gallon pots.

    Tent 3: 5x jack herrer (greenhouse seeds) 2x blueberry (Dutch passion) 1x orange bud ( Dutch passion) 1x honey suckle (female seeds) 1x super cheese (female seeds) 1000 watt hps jack herrer are dwc 25lt rest are coco 3 gallon.

    First of all this is a cash crop, although quality is priority over anything else and in the last year have recently switched to general hydroponics from advanced nutrients as I felt they where like the Coca Cola of the feed world and I was really paying for te name. (although very good results)

    Tent 1 is in its final 2 weeks and iam completely astonished at how quick a auto plant can grow. The auto xtreme are over 5 and a half foot..crazy! Anyway out of the 4 autos under that 600 watt iam easily getting 12 oz! And probebly looking at close to 2 kg Aith the other 16 in tent 2.

    Am kinda left scratching my head.. 10 photos yeild ruffly the same but yet take twice as long.. am just worried that there's a price to pay for a big yeild in a quick time. Am I just lucky?
    I've done alot of research before embarking on any grow and any strain and yeah people do this from autos with the righy conditions and I've read the back and forth debate "there good" "there bad" million dollar question.. am I better of just doing autos? Feel free to comment with any experience from autos or recommendations.

    Now is round about the time I take cuttings from all my photos and prepare them for the autos coming out.. am just in 2 minds now weather to discontinue photis of these results are consistent on autos. Thank you for reading. Lawbaw. X

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