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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by big_will, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. I started growing my plant about the end of May, so it has at least two good months in. I swear this plant is talller than me and i am like 6 foot tall. The stalk is like huge i mean, its probably a inch around or more at the bottom. I got it from some fire shit that i bought a while back. I swear you can smell this plant from a pretty good distance. The smell makes me hungry when i get close to it cause it is so strong.The leaves are pretty big to. It hasnt started budding yet though. I guess that want be for a while, but as big as it is now, its gotta have some big ass buds. What do you think about this plant and what kind of plant do you think it is?
  2. sounds like a beast too bad if its male. What is fire shit
  3. fire shit means that it is some good high quality weed that will get you fucked up.
  4. I know what you mean about the getitng hungry thing I used to have my plants indoors when i started them and I had to take teh filters off when i put more lights in and i was going crazy my stomach alwasy felt empty even after just eating :(. crazy stuff My quesation is do you think it would work on non potheads??

    Im suprised it isint oin flower yet what state do you live in? I know my area NY, NY is about 3-4 weeks into flower. I think one of the many factors is if your location dosent get alot of light, flowering is delayed a bit. is it a sativa or indica dominant plant? If you dont know how to tell are the leaves long and potinty or broad and short?
  5. Im in Arkansas, and it in a place where it gets lots of sunlight.
    The leaves are long and pointy. Real long. Its getting pretty bushy at the top to.

    About the non pot head thing, i think if they smelled they would be like damn. I dont think they would appreciate it like us.
  6. Sativas are the shit! :D
  7. big_will im from ark to nice place to live but i live in cave city it's nice to see a nother peron on hear from the same place i am good luke with ur plant


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