My BHO has dark lava looking spots! Help please!

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  1. First few batches were perfect, temp 108, 36hour vac purge with heat. Getting a weird build up in spots. Has anybody encountered this before? High quality trim about 4 to 6 months old. Like I said the first two runs I did were perfect. Past two have had this weird reaction? 20170626_094531.jpg 20170626_094353.jpg
  2. Mystery goop? What's the cleaning method between runs? Maybe it is a mass of built up waxes? Possibly agititation is all it would need to reincorporate? Or you could try winterizing with alcohol?
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    I think it may be from moving it around to much when pouring it on pp.. another guy said it was from old trim? I use alcohol to clean utensils and Pyrex blasting area.
  4. Could be particulates from it being exposed during any of those steps I suppose... Interesting...

    But also like you mentioned, maybe it started to budder a bit from the agitation.
  5. I think it may be from Cleaning my hands with oils and then packing my tube again. This last batch turned up fire. Who knows?? Funny stuff we are working with.

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  6. Would love to know what your methods are! Some tasty looking stuff! Do you vacuum purge or just use heat?

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