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My bestfriends girlfriend wants my dick?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zeb0, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. #1 Zeb0, Jul 12, 2011
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    Alright, my best friend has this girlfriend of like, a year i think. Sad thing is, he moved out of state about 5 months ago, but his dad works for the airport so he gets to fly for free back home over here when he wants to.

    He comes back like Once a month, maybe twice. And when he does, he makes sure to fuck his girlfriend. She got so into sex, that she basically "craves it" when he comes back. hahaha.

    I may be wrong, but heres my perspective.

    She texts me from time to time just seeing whats up. She'll always say "Damn i miss dylan(bf), i need to get laid"...she says this, and things like this about 5 times a week. hahaha. One time we were driving and she said "Yeah hes got a big dick, hes the only guy i would ever give a blowjob" then right as i pulled over to drop her off, she said "except you" and i said "Hahaha what?" And she said "Hahaha nothing"

    Am i trippin the fuck out, or does this bitch miss my friends dick that much, that she knows im his bestfriend and can trust me to give her a good fuck?

    EDIT: Shit sorry, forgot to add that im NOT considering it even if it were true. I was just looking for some feedback as to what-the-fuck is going on. hahaha

    EDIT 2: She's not a sleez at all. She's had sex like 4 times since shes been with him, lost her virginity to him.
  2. youre not trippin the fuck out i think thats exactly what it sounds like haha
  3. Don't do it though haha
  4. WTF you doin' on here. GO AN' GIT IT!

    And don't come back without pics.
  5. Don't give girls like that the time of day.
    reference? life. She sounds like trash.
  6. I think you know what it sounds like, and no, you shouldn't do it.
  7. Yep sounds pretty damn obvious but I suggest against this considering ya know it's a douche bag move
  8. Just text your bestfriend asking if you could join.
  9. Sounds like a Skankasaraus, I wouldn't hit it...

    Edit: On second thought, hit it if your boy's cool with it.
  10. His friend is obviously not going to be cool with it....
  11. That's really inappropriate for her to say that to you. I would tell your bestfriend all of this and he should confront her. I'd tell her that the relationship is getting awkward and out of respect for your best friend you don't want to speak anymore.
  12. you can get with many sluts but you only get a couple chances to have an actual best friend. choose wisely :eek:
  13. fuck his girlfriend if he get's mad.. just fuck him too? :confused_2:
  14. dont ruin your friendship.
  15. One nut and a bitch isn't worth it
  16. if hes a real friend dont fucking do it boy...

    think about what might happen.. 20mins fun for a real friendship? no fuckin way
  17. Only 20 minutes? I'd give her a night she wouldn't forget. Then she won't be needing that boyfriend to fly into town ever again.
  18. I would tell your friend. Even if nothing goes on, if he every catches wind that comments like that have been going on he won't be happy and you might lose a friend.
  19. Don't do it. Bro's don't fuck other bro's girls, no matter how hot or cock hungry they are.
  20. Tell ur friend she's a hoe. Don't hit it you will regret it and worry all the time. Just wack your jack with urself fushzzzzzle

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