My best mate is trying to get my to quit weed?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by tomusannonymous, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. be prepared to read cuz this is gonna be pretty longg

    Ive been toking for probably 8 months or so now, at first i did it rarely and i only started smoking regularly around june/july then i took a 2 week break... that was 5 weeks ago, Ive been smoking regularly now for 3 weeks, i have weed at least once every two days.

    My best mate (who's been smoking for years) recently took a 4 week T-break because of work... during that time i had hardly any access to weed , and i was on my t-break for half of that time. my mates been smoking again for a week

    He keeps telling me that i shouldn't smoke, that if i smoke too much it will make me weird and socially awkward... he says ill turn into a burnout if i keep smoking,.....he keeps exaggerating the amount of time, and quantity that ive been smoking, he acts like ive been smoking all day every day for the whole year. when i have not... he says i'll have to give it up soon

    does misery love company? (he wants me to quit cuz hes quitting)

    or does he actually care about my future and wellbeing?

    I've only had my own weed for 3 weeks and i feel like ive started to become a toker and i'm really enjoying it, i dont see why it has to stop... lol
  2. hah that wasnt very long at all...

    but uhh...

    misery definitely loves company but i believe he also actually cares about your future and well being

    it really does go both ways (goes both ways lol)
  3. Unless he is your dad and you are under 18 living with him, then he has no right to tell you what you are supposed to do.
  4. Unless you want to quit for yourself, don't. That's not his decision to make.

    So he's also smoking and thinks you should quit? Your friend sounds like an idiot, and perhaps he should mind his own damn business.
  5. She needs to smoke a blunt.
  6. oh and that dude is buggin. I wouldn't quit maryj for no one.
  7. Your "mate" knows absolutely nothing about cannabis.
  8. I mean its your decision. Your friend doesn't sound like he knows much about marijuana, and trying to convince him of anything will probably just fail. Also though, you haven't been smoking that long yet and i must say when i first started smoking i got to a point where i smoked way too much and it did hurt me, But i was young and didn't know as much as everyone at that age thinks they do. So you cant be expected to quit, you are your own person, but if you aren't responsible and it takes control of you that wont help your argument.
  9. I think he may just be worried about you. He may see how much it messed him up and he thinks you may turn out to be the same. Ask him if he just wants you to quit in support of him. Some cant take it if others are smoking around them when they cant smoke
  10. ok thanks guys

    i think it's probably a bit of both

    he thinks that toking will affect me, and since he doesnt want to be on a t-break by himself again, then he's looking for reasons to get me to quit, and he's using my "heavy usage" (lol yeh right!) to scare me into quitting, he's trying to make me think that i will turn into someone like this guy we know called bradshaw, who is actually mentally unstable, so i think that its a bit redundant seeing as he has a mental condition and isn't just weird because he smokes too much weed lol

    yeh my mate needs to watch the union, but he still thinks that smoking weed gives you lung cancer, and he thinks that it can give you scizophrenia (he read it on wikipedia LOL)

    its hard to tell him he's wrong since he thinks he knows everything about toking

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