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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by DRM420, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. so i have one of those double honeycomb 7 arm perc bongs and i find it extremely hard to clean the resin out from in between the two so what came up with was to a little flat magnet inside the two chambers before they seal it up that way you can take another magnet on the outside and drag the one on the inside around to de gunk it sort of like on a fish tank
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  2. The metal magnet would rust and contamine the water no?
  3. im not sure i will have to look into that but i mean they use em on fish tanks and that is in water and the fish are ok so im just going to assume that its fine until told otherwise
  4. Use brake clean. Comes of great and fluid evaporates. Just clean it out with soap after. It does leave a residue that is not good for your lungs. Never use it for wooden pipes
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