My BEST Homemade bong yet! Inline A/C. Tree Perc, and more!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Kalec, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. haha whats your Gamertag now? I didn't really play Halo 3 until like 2-3 months ago because i didn't really like it when it first came out, but i've started playing a lot more recently.
  2. if I come back tomorrow and theres no inline milk, i will... i will.... :confused:

  3. Haha, i'll try my best not to disappoint!
  4. nice job

    here's my less complicated one :)

    [ame=]YouTube - Homemade Inline Sickness[/ame]
  5. i miss the day when i would make this kind things....until one day i made a super legit bong with a bunch of stuff from home depot :) then i just bought a glass on efor 60...fell in love
  6. totally dude, on black friday i am going to kind creations crazy sale and getting some ridiculous pieces
  7. you my friend must have a shit load of time on your hands. also vids would be dank!
  8. found this thread on google lol. howbout an xmas present? got the vid yet...or is the bong gone?
  9. yeah dude i have like 7 vids on youtube, lemme see it i can get ehm on, and i made a new homemade, just like the one of this vid except it has a diffused down stem before the harmonic stem, i have pics on photo bucket, do u know how to post them on here?
  10. dude, i got a sick ass bong, going to post a vid on here XD
  11. this is my new homemade

    diffused stem into a harmonic stem
  12. thanks dude, i got some bomb ass pieces recently so idk how many more home mades r to come but i made a badass one that is just rediculous, i made it just like those ones but added a diffused down stem to it
  13. Props man thats the best homemade bong ive ever seen.
  14. Impressive, most impressive.
  15. This homemade is long gone and old news check my homemade toking tools thread for more up to date ones.

    Mods you can lock this up.

    Allor? Why are you replying to posts directed towards me as if they were directed towards you? Maybe you just super blazed, whatever haha.

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