My BEST Homemade bong yet! Inline A/C. Tree Perc, and more!

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    Hey this is my newest creation it hits like a monster. it has a 5 arm tree perc, inline A/C, diffused down stem, Ice catch, its also almost 100% air tight, the only place on the piece that isn't is the slide but its close enough. You can also completely dissemble it because all the pieces just screw into the lids of the vitamin waters.


    The inline looks a little sloppy but i had to tape on the wooden sticks to support the weight because the straws weren't strong enough.


    I post some better pictures of the tree perc later.


    The diffuesd down stem, i'll post some better pictures of this later as well.


    I also have a normal ash catcher that you can use for it aswell. and they are both slides, so there is no carb. The rest of the sections of the bong can also be dessembled for easy carring too.

  2. This whole setup looks very Dr. Seuss. Toke on brotha! How bout a vid of it in action?
  3. I'm dry right now but i should be picking up a new sack within the next few days, i'll post one then.
  4. Im pretty sure I used to play halo with you. That's sick though. I'm far too lazy and stoned usually to make a homemade bong of that stature.
  5. What was your gamertag i just finished playing a game of Halo 3 haha

    I just made a new account, i just went 31-0 got an invincible and a perfection.
  6. that's pretty intense man... +rep for the effort
  7. sweet home made man!!!:hello: take some pics of her in action!!!:smoke:
  8. dude this is sick, you gotta post a tutorial. awesome thinking on using those fat straws i'm gonna pick some up for myself haha +rep
  9. wow, you really did a lot with some home-made parts. +rep
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. Will do, i think i might hit up my dealer today.

    Nice piece! i used to have one a lot like that except i used vitamin waters haha.
  12. I was walkerchase/mr sooper/walkerrrofl. I played with you usually when I played with vuigar. Me and him are good friends, we go to school together.
  13. Oh shit small world haha. Do you still play at all?
  14. Haha thats a cool way to describe it I like all the different colors.
    Kalec that is definitely the sickest homemade bong I've ever seen +rep. How long did it take you to make that thing? I cant wait to see the milkshots on that. :)
  15. Not to long i built it over time. I just slowly improved it. Because the way its built allows you to just screw on new pieces into the lid. I just recently replaced my old dome perc with the 5 arm pictured above and there is pretty much zero drag now, i love it. Im heading to my dealers tonight he just re-uped his stash today and he said hes got some really dank shit.
  16. Wow, thats really sick, I was gonna ask if it had any drag. Wish I had the creativity and patience to create that thing haha.
  17. wheres the milk vid? tryna see how that things hittin
  18. tahaha very small. I've come across a few people on here that I know actually which is pretty cool. I was baked as shit and I was like 'kalec? I fuckin only hear that name in once place and thats on halo' hahaha.

    but I play h3 occasionally. Not a ton right now because of track season Im just gonna tired all the time. I'm either running or smokin :rolleyes:

    you should add me though man I'll probably be on tomorrow. :wave:
  19. I'm heading to my dealers house in about an hour and i will probably stay there for a bit and smoke so either late tonight or sometime tomorrow i will have a vid up.

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