My Best Friends a Thief?

Discussion in 'General' started by Livelaughtoke, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. idk
    on saturday my friend and i bought some magic tree roots and i had $15 dollars and he had 10 so we were like lets buy a half-O and split it 50/50.
    but before we go pick it up he says when we get back to my place ill split it
    into two baggies in my bathroom.
    afterwards he handed me mine and it looked as if his contained more ganja.
    but the nugs were huge so you could tell only slightly
    i didnt wanna say anything because he's been my best friend for 2 years
    and he said he did it evenly.
    so how can i ask him without fuckkkking anything up between us if he pinched my sack?
  2. Let it go.

    Next time tell him you want to weigh the bags out. Who splits bags up in a bathroom? You didn't think this was shady?

    How about saying "nah man, split the bags in front of me...I paid for half the herb."
  3. tell him u caught him pinching your sack wont be too big a deal unless he really never was truly a friend..

    people do shit to friends, you forgive them , and move on

    or maybe it was just by accident..soo who knows
  4. If you were in that situation where your the one splitting the ganja, wouldnt you give yourself a bit more? I would... But hey let it go and you split next time. Give yourself more and like go into a war with him lol
  5. 25 bucks for a half 0?? if its only a little short, 7gs for 15 is a damn good deal, or are you buying shwag?
  6. Considering you got a half O for 25 bucks I wouldn't worry too much about having slightly less then him.
  7. nah it was a dude that shells out dro
    like he cuts it from a pound he owns.
    like big time.
  8. yeahhh we got a good deal so
    im gonna let it go

    but i hope that doesnt happen again
  9. my best guess is that you and your friend are 16~ and you dont have a scale.

    In this situation, even if you are trying to make it a even count, you will always want your sac to have the 'best' nug. I remember when I was that age and this shit always happened, and sometimes not even on purpose.

    If it were you doing the sac your buddy would be thinking the same shit, guarantee.
  10. from "a" pound.


    You ain't big time if you only slangin off a P man
  11. when you need to break anything in half between 2 people, one person cuts it in half and the other person chooses what half they want. its common since my friend.
  12. lol. call him out. be like, "Bitch, you pinchin my sacks? i don't want to have to break your knee cap with a pick axe"

    but say it jokingly, and if he does say yes, do it.

    then give him your hand as if you would like help him up, and as soon as he has a tight grip and is counting on you for support to keep from falling on his already terribly injured knee, let go of his hand.

    then laugh and walk away.

    or just buy a scale...

  13. hahahaahlololool
  14. When I split up my bags with Sir Tokes Alot, we're always together when we do it, and we arbitrate things fairly. That's not to say we haven't gotten in to major fights that resulted in hospitalizations, but after we've both recovered, we agree to just split the last nugget instead of fighting to the death over it.

  15. (this is Shay)

    shit i'd ask to weigh it again in front of me. fuk that no one comes between me n weed for me n Jamie lol
  16. Dude if he's really your friend, a good friend, then you should have no trouble saying "hey asshole you shorted me on this bag, even it out". You shouldn't have to worry about fucking up a friendship over something like that.

    My friends and i just trash on each other all day so its really not a big deal when something like this happens to me.

  17. Yea, my friends and I are the same way.

    If you hear us talking to each other we sound like Jim Norton and Colin Quinn on Opie and Anthonie, we just rip each other apart.

    Usually people who don't know us well think we aren't friends at all, but we're all real good friends.
  18. Whoever divides the sack, should let the other person choose their half first. That way you know it's split up evenly.

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