my best friend turned her phone off

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  1. after sending me like this crazy suicidal text. Ugh I never thought I would be in this situation but what the fuck do I do? One minute I was trying to convince her not to break up with her boyfriend the next minute her fucking phone is off.I'm like the kind of person to take this as a sign to like drive to her house and check for paramedics but I want to stay calm dude. I definetly wouldn't put it past her though. And don't say she's doing this for attention I fucking hate that shit. In fact the more attention we give her the more unresponsive she becomes. And I can't smoke a bowl or anything either this is so fucking crazy. I'm going to make sure this never happens again.
  2. You can only help somebody who is willing to accept it.

    It sounds like she is going through a difficult time - I hope she gets through it and realizes that such a drastic decision is not in her best interests.
  3. Shouldn't this be obvious? Get offline and go to her freaking house and see if she's okay.
  4. going to her house is like not an option she won't listen to anything I say I"m afraid I'll get pissed tell her to knock it off and then she'll actually go and do it. She's so sensitive every word I say she twists it into negative connotation. Seriously you could say its hopeless in a sense.
  5. once a friend of mine did this to me, i told someone to call them and their phone was off. then they came online and said they were just joking. maybe its a joke?
  6. a joke?

  7. Look dude, don't take those suicidal messages lightly. Maybe they don't mean it, maybe they do. Maybe she just needs to see that someone freaking cares about her. A lot of the times those messages are a cry for help. Is t really that hard to drive to her house and see if she's okay? Fuck man. This is a problem with people when it comes to suicide, they think the person is either asking for attention (which some people do so I get you) or think they won't do anything and then when they do they have to live with the guilt of knowing they were going to do it and did nothing about it.
  8. fuck I'll go check right now I just don't want to push her in a corner.
  9. she could be liying but she might not be i would go over probly so u dont blame your self if she does but idk im just
  10. Call 911, I'd say. I wouldn't risk it.

    Don't take this shit lightly...good luck.
  11. i agree...if i didnt have someone to talk to me and comfort me when i was contemplating putting a bullet between my eyes id be after doing it,

    i know how your friend feels, im going through that now

    get the fuck off grasscity and get the fuck over there
  12. I don't think you showing up to see if she's alright will push her over the edge. If anything knowing that her best friend didn't bother doing anything after sending them a suicidal message will (hopefully not of course). It just freaking ticks me off because I had someone I was once very close with commit suicide about a month ago and he had told someone he was going to do it and the girl never did anything about it. Maybe if she had told someone he would still be here today. Just fucking go man.
  13. if she lives with her parents, try calling her house. if not, you should definitely drive by her place.
  14. My best friend turned his phone off too. I didn't go and check; if I had... well, who knows...
  15. well I went and everything is fine now thanks guyss:wave:
  16. Glad to hear it! :)
  17. You did the right thing by going to see.

    Hopefully she realises someoen does care now =)
  18. I would have called 911 about it. They can forcibly detain her for monitoring/evaluation for 72 hours. After she's detained against her will a few times, she'll learn very quickly that suicide is nothing to joke about. The police WILL force their way into her home if she is deemed to be a potential threat to herself or others.
  19. owned again.

    note to self: stop posting.

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