My Best Friend is getting a volcano

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by evilaaron999, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I would just love to share my excitement. So I've been smoking for about 2 years. And too this day the most I've smoked at once was only .5(I know, lightweight, but I save money and have no job). i'm so excited my friend its getting this because the only toking tools I've only ever used was a joint like 5 times all the rest out of a simple bowl. My same friend had a bong I was never able to hit before it broke. So my plan is i'm saving this amazing Chemdawg for when he gets his volcano, I want too smoke like 2.5g's so I can hardley walk. I just thought I should share my exciment. Anyone have any Tips? Ideas? Thoughts?
  2. Haha I dono if you'll be able to vape 2.5g O.O

    I use my Silver Surfer Vaporizer every day, and I consider myself to have quite the tolerance, but a .2 bowlpack gets me flying very high.

    Even having .5 in a vape in a single session (which I have done...but no more then that) got me wayyyy high.

    But vape what you can =p you'll have a lot of fun. The Volcano is a fantastic bag vape.
  3. Having your best friend finally paid off ><
  4. You'll want to stop vaping after around 1.5 g's.

    I'm not giving advice, I'm just telling you, eventually the vapor will start to feel horrible in your throat.
  5. I love my Volcano and it's all I smoke from at home. I'm curious about their new handheld model but when I saw it was not battery operated I did not get it.

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