My best friend is an asshole (long read)

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  1. Alright so last saturday me and my best friend of three years are kickin it at a pretty dope party. His ex-girlfriend is one of my best friends, so I took the liberty of inviting her to chill with us at this dudes house. As far as I knew at this point, they were ex's but still good friends. So anyway I step out to smoke a bowl, and I'm just finishing up when I get a phone call from this chick, screaming her lungs out and calling me a motherfuckin asshole and shit.

    I am stoned as fuck, and taken aback by this. I ask her why she is so pissed and she replies, "Because you invited me to a closed party!"

    "A closed party? This isn't a closed party. You can come..."

    "I don't wanna even fucking come anymore! Get the fuck out of my life you fucking asshole!"


    So I'm thinkin. WTF just happened.

    Eventually me and my friend leave and hitch a ride home.

    I later discover my friend was still fucking his ex-girlfriend, and he didn't want her to be there while he was puttin the moves on this other girl. So she calls him to find the address, and he says its a closed party.

    Basically he fucked my friendship over with this girl, and he was just being a total fuckbag.

    God I'm so pissed...

    What do you guys think of the matter?

    On top of that!! I found out yesterday that he has been fucking a good friend of ours ex-girlfriend!!!! He broke the bro code hard, and my other friend is in fucking ruins about it.

  2. I still don't get why she had any reason to say and act the way you said she did. She is angry because she doesn't get to drink/smoke other peoples stuff? Just doesn't seem like a reason to blow up on you.
  3. The girl sounds like a headcase.No way she should get that mad over that,even yellin at you to stay out of her life,WTF?

    He didnt know you invited her did he?If not then I dont see the problem,hes single and doesnt want his ex there while hes tryin to score,meh.
  4. To me it sounds like this girl is just over reacting, and also I am getting that you have a thing for her, seeing as you are mad at your best friend for basically being a guy.. just my 2 cents
  5. Get more mature friends
  6. Tell your friends to stop with the high school drama man. Eat, drink and be merry. Smoke some weed!
  7. WTF? She sounds a bit dramatic. I wouldn't want my ex-boyfriend there if I was single and looking... bone.

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