My Best Friend Is A Prick

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  1. One of my best friends is constantly bragging about all of the chicks he has gotten with, and how many girls love him. I hadn't seem him in a year up until school got out and I came back home for the summer, but man has he changed. He has been dating this girl for a year almost, and he has cheated on her three times. She took him back all three times, promising her he'd never do it again. So his girlfriend has been out of town for the last week, and last night at a party, he was flirting with this girl and got her number, and they were pretty much sexting throughout the night. A couple of nights ago he was texting this other girl, planning how they would hook up when school starts. He even tells girls he's single! When his girlfriend threatens to leave him, he gets really dramatic and starts pleading for second chances. The only reason he's dating her is because she "lets me do anything i want to her." 
    He's a good friend of mine, but the shit he does to his girlfriend is so fucked up. He's a good looking guy, and the ladies love him, but man can he really be a prick about it at times. His girlfriend is so nice too, and it's sad because she loves him to death, and will probably take him back if he cheated on her 10 more times. I'll never understand how these douche-bags get away with some of the nicest/prettiest girls that they don't deserve, while the actual genuine nice guys sit back and watch. 
    Worst part is, last night at the party, she texted me and asked if I can make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. I said I would keep a close eye on him. What the hell am I supposed to do? I can't tell her what he's doing, and I can't tell him to stop. If only he knew what he had...

  2. Why don't you say something...I don't understand? Do you have a little bit of P in you?
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    say to him: "look man, you treat your girlfriend like total shit. i know it's not my relationship but as your friend it's very uncomfortable to be around someone who shows such little value of commitment, integrity, morals, and women in general. normally im not the guy to judge but your behavior is creating some distance between us and my respect for you is slowly diminishing"
    best thing you can do is be honest. if he dont like it fuck him, he's unfaithful and lacks a sense of morality. that's not someone you want to associate yourself with
  4. Nice guys finish last, it can be true most of the time.
  5. fuck that. sit back, watch learn and don't be part of this. It's dramatic bullspit that I know I wouldn't pay attention to and I wouldn't help the girlfriend. She's a big girl and can figure things out for herself. 
  6. Never get involved in a boy girl fight....ever.
  7. Saying that you'll keep a close eye on him doesn't necessarily mean you agreed to stop him.. only that you'll watch him. So if that eases your guilt for reaffirming her and not actually committing, then more power to you. It's not your place to get involved in their relationship, but like Tt said, there's nothing wrong with expressing your disagreement with the friend's actions. I just hope you're not friends with his gf as well because I'd never let a friend of mine be subject to that, regardless if her bf was my best friend, a stranger, or my brother.
  8. I'm not really friends with her, she just has my number through her bf, and she knew he was with me. I wouldn't even really consider her my friend, I just feel bad for her. But it's honestly her fault as well, because she takes him back every time he treats her like shit.
    i think OP means that he feels uncomfortable having a friend who displays such behavior
    either way the dude's a prick
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    You described my best friend too. I love him to death and always will, and I kinda just let him do his thing even though he's got a dream girl.
    Let him do him and he'll wisen up.
    Bros before hoes motherfucker
  11. bros before hoes only goes so far,
    in the 1st place, personally, if the person's character is fucked up, like your friend, why is he still your best friend?
    i follow this rule when it comes to my circle of friends, "a man is known by the company he keeps"
  12. Most of my friends are pricks. You get used to it.

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